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Create and publish social posts in the full-screen social composer

Last updated: June 7, 2022

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise

Use HubSpot's full-screen social composer to create a post and publish it to multiple different social accounts at once. 

After publishing, you can review your social posts or analyze the posts' performance in your social reports.  

Please note: this article includes information about beta features. To manage your access to these features, in the bottom left of your social dashboard, click Check out the social new composer beta > Try beta.

Create a social post 

To create a new social post:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Social.
  • In the upper right, click Create social post.
  • In the left panel, click the Select accounts dropdown menu. Then, select the checkboxes next to the social accounts you want to post to.  

Edit post content

When creating your draft, the same content will be duplicated across all selected social network accounts. Previews for each network will be displayed in the right panel.

  • Under the Create your posts section, in the text box, enter the content for your social posts. 
    • To add emojis to your post, click the emoji icon.
    • To add hashtags to your posts, use the # symbol. Hashtags will not be hyperlinked in the drafted post or the preview, unless you're previewing a Twitter post. The hashtag will be hyperlinked after you publish the post.
    • To share content not hosted on HubSpot, enter the content link directly into the text box.
    • To @mention other accounts, use the @ symbol to mention or tag other accounts. 
      • LinkedIn: LinkedIn's API only allows mentions or tags for LinkedIn company pages. You cannot mention or tag individual LinkedIn users when creating a social post in HubSpot. 
      • Facebook: Facebook's API only allows mentions or tags for Facebook pages. You cannot mention or tag individual Facebook users or Facebook events when creating a social post in HubSpot.
      • Instagram: mentions will not be auto-completed, but Instagram will acknowledge the mention when the post is live.
      • Twitter: only Twitter accounts you follow will appear in the auto-complete dropdown menu. To mention Twitter accounts you don't follow, enter the full Twitter handle. Twitter will acknowledge the mention when the post is live.

Please note:

  • Instagram does not support links in posts.
  • By default, the HubSpot social tool will shorten links in your social post to a, or link. If you own a branded short domain on Bitly, you can connect your Bitly account to HubSpot to use your branded short domain for links in social posts.
  • You cannot use custom tracking URLs in social posts published through HubSpot. HubSpot automatically adds tracking parameters to posts published through the social tool to track traffic back to the original post.


Add an image to your social post

  • To add an image to your social post:
    • In the Add Media section, click the insertImage ImageFfefeimage icon.
    • To select an existing image from your file manager, click the image.
    • To upload a new image from your device or a URL, in the bottom left of the panel, click Add image.
      • Click into the search bar and enter a search term, then press the Enter key.
      • Click the Stock images tab.
      • Click an image to display the image details.
      • Click Insert to add the image to your social post.

Please note:

  • The following image formats can be used:

    • png
    • jpg
    • jpeg
    • gif
  • You can only insert one image for an Instagram post. Alt text cannot be added to images on Instagram posts. 
  • Animated GIFs will play on Twitter and LinkedIn, but will not play on Facebook or Instagram.

Add a video to your social post

  • To add a video to your social post:
    • In the Add Media section, click the insertVideo video icon.
    • To select an existing video from your file manager, in the right panel, click the video.
    • To upload a new video from your device, in the bottom left of the panel, click Upload videos

Please note:

  • The following video formats should be used:
    • mp4
    • mov
    • mpeg4
    • m4v
  • To avoid upload errors, each video should be less than 1 minute in length.
  • You cannot customize the video thumbnail when creating a post in HubSpot.
  • While it is not possible to publish Instagram IGTV videos from HubSpot, analytics such as likes and impressions from externally published videos will still display. These analytics will also reflect in the social reports


Manage your post publishing settings

  • In the Publishing options section, set up your publishing time: 
    • Publish now: publish the social post immediately. 
    • Schedule for later: select a specific date and time to publish the social post. You can also select a default time from your social publishing schedule
  • In the Add to campaign section, click the Campaign dropdown menu and select a campaign. To create a new campaign instead, select Create campaign. Learn more about working with campaigns in HubSpot.

Edit the social post for specific accounts

To edit the content for a specific social account:

  • Under the Create your posts section, click the corresponding social icon
  • To delete the post, click the delete trash icon next to the social account name. 
  • To duplicate the post, click the add plus icon next to the social account name. 
  • To edit the post, click the social account name. The post editor will be displayed for the selected social account. Any edits made to the post will not apply to posts from other social accounts. 

Review your social post

After setting up your social posts, you can review the posts. 

Please note: the social network will display the name of the user who connected the social account to HubSpot as the post creatorThis is because HubSpot publishes the post to the social network using their credentials.

  • At the top, click the Review tab.
  • To view your created posts in list format:
    • In the top left, click List. A list of the created posts with details will be displayed, sorted by social network. 
    • To filter your posts by social network, in the top left, click the All networks dropdown menu. Then, select a social network.  

  •  To view your created posts in preview format:
    • In the top left, click Preview.  
    • Click the social network that you want to preview your posts. Previews for the selected social network will be displayed.  

  • Once you've created your post, in the top right, click Schedule Post to schedule or publish your post. 
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