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Social | Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: March 26, 2024

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Find answers and general information quickly about the social tool in HubSpot.

Why can't I connect my Facebook or LinkedIn page?

If you're trying to connect your Facebook or LinkedIn page, but the page isn't displaying, this is usually due to insufficient page admin or integration permissions. Learn how to troubleshoot common issues when connecting your Facebook page or LinkedIn pages

How do I troubleshoot social publishing issues? 

If you're encountering errors when publishing your social posts through HubSpot's social tool, learn more about common publishing issues and the steps you can take to resolve these issues

How do I configure the name of the user publishing a social post?

It is not possible to configure the name of the user posting to the social network. The social network will display the name of the user who connects the social account to HubSpot as the post creator. This is because HubSpot publishes the post to the social network using their credentials.

 To change the name of the user, you can disconnect and then reconnect to the social network with the user that you want to post from. 

How do I tag or mention social accounts in my social posts?

If you are creating a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or X post, you can use the @ symbol to mention or tag other accounts. 

  • For the specific social networks, please also note the following:
    • Facebook: Facebook's API only allows mentions or tags for Facebook pages. You cannot mention or tag individual Facebook users or Facebook events when creating a social post in HubSpot.
    • Instagram: mentions will not be auto-completed, but Instagram will acknowledge the mention when the post is live.
    • X: only X accounts you follow will appear in the auto-complete dropdown menu. To mention accounts you don't follow, enter the full X handle. The mention will be acknowledged when the post is live.

Can I monitor Facebook activity in the social tool?

No, it is not possible to monitor Facebook activity in the social tool on HubSpot. Monitoring Facebook activity is not supported due to API limitations. To monitor your Facebook activity, we recommend logging in to your Facebook account directly. 

Why is the social publishing tool not detecting my URL?

The social tool uses the same system as X to detect links. In certain situations, links are broken when the tool detects one of the following special characters:

  • Most non-Latin characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc.). For example, "안녕" is detected as "".
  • Special punctuation characters (special apostrophes ’, long-hyphens –, etc.). For example, "’s-landing-page" is detected as "".
  • Punctuation at the end of a URL will not be detected as part of the URL. For example, "" will be detected as "".

These issues will not occur when you blog auto-publish from HubSpot, and will only happen when publishing directly via the social publishing tool in HubSpot.

To avoid these issues if the URL is from your own website, try using a URL without these special characters. If the URL is not your own, try copying the URL from your browser URL bar and pasting it into the composer, which will properly format the URL and allow the full link to be detected.

Why did the social sharing and like counters on my content reset to zero?

If you change the URL of your content, the social sharing counts associated with it will be lost. Social networks rely on the URL to measure the total number of interactions a piece of content has received from users, so any change in the URL will cause those networks to register the content as unique with a new share count that starts at 0.

What is the difference between the Social Sharing and Follow Me modules?

The differences are as follows: 

  • The Social Sharing module allows website visitors to share your website content within their social networks.
  • The Follow Me module provides website visitors with a way to access your social media pages.

How do I remove the "Published by HubSpot" label below the title of my account?

You cannot remove the "Published by HubSpot" label, but it is not public and is only visible to admins of the account.

Why is there a discrepancy between the reporting data in HubSpot and the data in my social account?

You may see a discrepancy in your social reports as a result of how HubSpot collects post data. HubSpot collects post-specific data for the first 30 days after a post is published, any data after that 30-day period will not appear. Learn more about analyzing your social reports

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