Why am I getting the warning "Cannot Parse Property" when importing a CSV?

Last updated: November 1, 2017

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This warning means that value you are importing into a property is not compatible with the property in HubSpot. This warning is most often seen when importing into an enumeration property - these include dropdown selects, radio selects, and checkbox properties - but can also be seen importing into date picker properties.

When importing into an enumeration property, this error likely means the value in the .CSV does not match one of the values in the property itself.

For example, you have a dropdown contact property called "Favorite Color" with the options:


If you try to import a contact with the value "Yellow" for this property, you will see the error "Warning - Cannot parse property favorite_color enumeration option yellow". This is because "Yellow" is not one of the options in the property so HubSpot does not recognize it.

To correct this:

  • View the property in HubSpot to see what the options are by going in your HubSpot Marketing portal to Contacts Contacts Settings or in your HubSpot Sales portal to SettingsContactsCompanies, or Deals and then Edit Properties
  • If necessary you can add additional options to the property before importing your file again. Read more on updating the options for an enumeration property here.
  • Please note, if you are importing values into a multiple checkbox property, you can add additional options for your contact without overwriting their existing options by following the steps here.

If you see this warning when importing into a date property it means the date is formatted incorrectly.

  • Date picker properties should be in the format MM/DD/YYYY 

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