How do I import deals?

Last updated: June 5, 2018

You can import deals into your HubSpot database using a CSV file.

Prepare your CSV file

  • Include a header row in your CSV file and match each column's header with a deal property. You can include values for any of the default HubSpot properties and/or custom properties. For reference, download a sample CSV import file.

  • If you want to assign an owner to the deals during the import, you can do this by including a Deal Owner column in your CSV file and adding the email address of the user to each row in that column.

Please note: there are no deduplication fields on deals at this time. This means that HubSpot cannot check for duplicates when a new list of deals is imported, and information cannot be imported as a way to edit existing deals.

Import your file

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Deals.
  • Click Import in the upper right of the dashboard.
  • Click Start an import in the upper right.
  • Select A CSV file, then select Deals.
  • Choose the CSV file you wish to import by clicking Select a file or by dragging the file into the window.
  • Click Upload at the bottom right.


  • On the Import details page, enter an Import name.
  • Click Next, map your properties at the bottom right.
  • HubSpot will automatically match the columns in your CSV file to your deal properties. You can choose not to import a column by deselecting the corresponding checkbox on the left. You can also change which property the column is mapped to by selecting a different HubSpot property from the dropdown menu.
  • If any columns do not match an existing property, they will appear in the Columns without matches section. Click the dropdown menu and select an existing property, or click Create new property to set up a new property to which this column will be mapped. 
  • Ensure a column is mapped for the Deal Stage property. If you're using multiple pipelines in the CRM, you'll also need to map a column in your file for the Pipeline property.


  • Click Finish import at the bottom right.

Please note: the deal import does not currently allow you to associate contacts or companies with a deal in the import process. Importing deals must be done separately, and must be associated with contacts or companies manually.

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