How do I import deals?

Last updated: March 28, 2018

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The file you are importing must be in a .CSV file format and must contain header rows to describe the property into which you are importing data (Deal Name, Pipeline, Amount, etc.). 

Use this sample deal import as you're building your own deals import. 

Please note: there are no deduplication fields on deals at this time. This means that the CRM is not able to check for duplicates when a new list of deals is being imported. In addition, information cannot be imported into your deals database as a way to edit existing deals.

Once you have your .csv file set up and ready to go, follow the steps below to import a list of deals:

  • In your HubSpot Sales account, click Deals in the main navigation menu.
  • Click Import in the upper right of the deals dashboard.
  • Click Start an import at the upper right.
  • On the What would you like to import? screen, select A CSV file, then select Deals.
  • Choose the .csv file you wish to import by either clicking Select a file or by dragging the file into the window.
  • Click Upload at the bottom right.


  • On the Import details page, name your file, then click Next, map your properties.


  • On the Map columns screen, you'll see the column headers from your .csv file matched up to HubSpot deal properties. HubSpot tries to match the column headers based on name of the property, so if a match is not found for a column of data you wish to import, you can select an existing property from the dropdown menu. If it's a property that doesn't yet exist in HubSpot, you can create it as a new property. Please note that HubSpot will import data for any properties that are checked.
  • Be sure to map a column for Deal Stage. If you are using multiple pipelines in the CRM, you will also need to map a column in your file for the Pipeline property.


  • Click Finish import

Please note: the deal import does not currently allow you to associate contacts or companies with a deal in the import process. Importing deals must be done separately, and must be associated with contacts or companies manually.


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