Will my existing LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Adwords campaigns appear in the Ads Add-on?

Last updated: February 10, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A
Add-Ons: Ads

Existing Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn ads campaigns will be displayed in the HubSpot Ads tool when the respective account is connected.

Once you connect your Google Adwords and Facebook Ads accounts, you will be able to view and track that data in HubSpot automatically.

However, data will not be displayed or tracked for LinkedIn ad campaigns created outside of HubSpot. You'll see a yellow warning symbol displayed in the Tracked column. If your campaign isn't tracked, you'll only see the data available from your advertising networks, like impressions and clicks.

To start tracking an untracked LinkedIn campaign in HubSpot:

  • Navigate in HubSpot Marketing to Reports Ads
  • Click into the untracked LinkedIn campaign and click Add content or edit campaign at the top-right 

  • Select the message(s) you'd like to add using the checkboxes > click Next

  • Make any necessary changes to your audience settings > click Next > review your budget settings > click Next > on the final screen click Done
  • Next, you will want to deactivate the untracked campaign in HubSpot by navigating to the campaign and toggling the switch at the top to OFF. Read more here.