Log email in your CRM with the BCC or forwarding address

Last updated: August 20, 2018

If you don't have access to a connected inbox, you can use the email addresses in your Log emails in CRM settings to manually log an email in your CRMThese email addresses are designed to help you track emails that are sent and received outside of HubSpot and the Sales extension. Both the BCC and forwarding email addresses can be used to log an email in the CRM from your mobile device.

When to use the BCC address

Using the BCC address records an email as you send it. This address is meant for recording the emails you send out. When you send an email to someone, add this address to the BCC line of the email, and the email will automatically be recorded on the corresponding contact record. 


Please note: HubSpot will create a new contact record in your account for anyone CCed on your tracked email. If you BCC a recipient that is not a contact in your HubSpot portal, logging using the BCC address would not cause that recipient to be created as a contact in the portal.

Things to keep in mind when using the BCC address

Your email must meet the following criteria in order to be logged in the CRM:

  • The user sending the email has sales access.
  • The email address from which you are sending the email matches:
    • A user in your account.
    • One of your connected email addresses under Profile & Preferences.
    • An alias in your email client. 
  • The email address of the recipient is not listed in your Never Log list.

Please note: if you manually use the BCC address in an email client without tracking, this will simply log the email on a contact record in your CRM. This will not allow you to track opens or clicks on your emails.

When to use the forwarding address

The forwarding address is used to log an email reply that you received onto the timeline of the contact record. This address is meant for recording an email after you've received it. When you receive an email from a contact, forward the message to this address, and the email will be recorded on the appropriate contact record. 


Please note: Don't reply to an email and then try to forward that email thread to HubSpot. After you reply, the email header will change, and the forwarding address can't support the header in this format. 

Things to keep in mind when forwarding replies to the CRM

  • You're forwarding the individual reply email (not other parts of the email chain). The forwarded message header generated by your email client must be present and in English:


  • The email address you're using to send the forwarded email must be a user in the CRM, a connected account in your Profile & Preferences, or an alias in your email account.
  • The contact does not have an email domain (what comes after the @ in an email address) that is listed in your Never Log list.
  • The forwarded email will appear in the contact's timeline like this:
  • If the person that sent you the original email isn't in your CRM, forwarding the message will create a contact record, as long as their email or email domain is not listed in your Never Log list.

Please note: if you receive an email reply from a contact or prospect, and they CC recipients, HubSpot won't add those copied recipients as contacts in your portal.