Create deals with workflows

Last updated: November 19, 2018


Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Sales Hub
Professional, Enterprise

Use a workflow to automate the process of creating a new deal in HubSpot and reduce administrative processes for sales representatives.

Please note: only users who purchased Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise before November 1, 2017 will have access to the Sales Hub Professional workflow actions, including the Create a deal action. Users who purchased Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise after November 1, 2017 will also need to purchase Sales Hub Professional to gain access to the Create a deal action. Learn more about choosing workflow actions.

  • In the right panel, select Create a deal.
  • To assign the object's existing owner as the deal's owner:
    • In a contact-based workflow, click the Assign deal to dropdown menu, select Contact's existing ownerThe Contact owner property will be selected by default.  If you have a custom owner property, click the Which owner? dropdown menu to select it instead.
    • In any other workflow, under Assign to *, select the [Object]'s existing and click the dropdown menu to select a HubSpot user based on the current object.
  • To assign a specific owner:
    • In a contact-based workflow, click the Assign deal to dropdown menu and select Specific user. Click the Which owner? dropdown menu to select a HubSpot userYou can only assign deals to users with a paid seat.
    • In other types of workflows, select Specify a HubSpot owner, and click the dropdown menu to select a HubSpot user. You can only assign deals to users with a paid seat.
  • Set the deal name, pipeline, stage, close date and amount.
  • To set additional properties for your deal, click Set another deal property.
  • To copy a property on the current object to a property on your new deal:
    • In a contact-based workflow, click Copy a contact property to a deal property.
    • In other types of workflows, click Copy a property to a deal property.
  • In the bottom left, click Save. 

Please note: the source and target properties must be the same field type in order to be copiedIncompatible properties will not appear as options in the target property in your workflow action. Learn more about source and target property compatibility in workflows.

This will add the Create a deal action to your workflow. Once the workflow is reviewed and turned on, a deal will be created for every object that executes the Create a deal action.