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Last updated: February 9, 2018

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The Call-to-Action User Guide is a great starting point for learning about HubSpot's Call-to-Action (CTA) tools. Below are some other frequently asked questions related to CTA's.

How do I link my CTA to a PDF?

If you are using an externally-hosted PDF, copy the URL of the PDF.

If you are using a PDF hosted on HubSpot, navigate to Content File Manager. Locate and click the name of your PDF. In the slide-in modal on the right, click Copy URL.

Navigate to your CTA and access the editor. Click the URL redirect type dropdown and select External website URL. Paste the PDF URL into the Enter URL field. 

Why is there no data for the CTA embedded on a WordPress page?

If you're using embedded CTAs on a WordPress site and no CTA data is appearing in HubSpot, you will want to compare the source code of your site with the embed code to make sure that the code was not altered by Wordpress. If the code has been significantly altered, try re-embedding the CTA. XHTML Wordpress themes will add <![CDATA[ ]]> tags around the Javascript, which should not affect whether the CTA tracks. 

If re-embedding the CTA fails, learn about more troubleshooting options here.

How do I place a CTA on my external site?

All CTAs can be embedded on external pages. Finding the embed code is the next step. Click the gear icon next to your CTA, then click Embed to access the code to place on your external site. 

How do I add custom styles to my CTA?

HubSpot’s CSS design tab makes it easy for designers to create highly customized CTA buttons within HubSpot that fit perfectly with any website theme. Click the Design tab in the editor interface > and click the Customize CSS button to open the CSS design tab. You can add custom classes you've built into your stylesheets or use the Custom CSS box to insert inline styling. For more on styling your CTA's to your liking, check out this article.

How do I change the image of my custom image CTA?

HubSpot has features that allow you to turn an image into a CTA. If you've created something an image offline and want to bring it to your website, create a new CTA and toggle to the Image Button option. You'll be able to upload an image from your computer to HubSpot and make it your very own CTA. 

Why is my smart CTA not showing the right variation?

The contact may not meet the criteria of the contact list you've chosen in your smart CTA rule. Check that the list criteria is met by the particular contact to ensure that they will view the right variation.

What are click tracking domains for CTAs?

The click tracking domain setting allows users to control what domain shows up when someone visits a page containing a HubSpot CTA. To get this rolling you will want to navigate to your CTA Settings and look for Click Tracking Domain to set your COS hosted Domain. For more information on this feature, check out this article.

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