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Use the Stripe integration with quotes in HubSpot (legacy)

Last updated: March 18, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Sales Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise

In this article, learn about the legacy HubSpot-Stripe integration, which enables you to bill your customers directly from a quote using your Stripe account. Before proceeding, note the following:

  • This article is about the previous HubSpot-Stripe integration for the quotes tool. This integration is no longer available to install. If you've already installed it, you can refer to this article for information on how to continue using it.
  • It's recommended to use the newer Stripe integration, which enables you to connect your Stripe account as a payment processor
  • This integration is separate from the Stripe integration that uses HubSpot data sync. The data sync integration doesn't process payments, only syncs data between HubSpot and Stripe. 

Send quote payments to connected Stripe account

Once your account is connected, use the integration to create payments for your customers on your quotes.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Commerce > Quotes.
  • Click Create quote.
  • Continue to set up your quote.
  • On the Signature & Paymentscreen, click to toggle the Use a connected Stripe account switch on.

Please note: if your quote is not compatible with 3DSecure, an alert appear when you turn on the Stripe integration. If this alert appears, keep in mind that some payments may not be successful because of PSD2 requirements.

Once this option is enabled, customers will be able to make a payment by clicking Check out at the top or bottom of their quote.check-out-on-quote

Please note: to use the Stripe integration with quotes, there is a minimum charge amount for the line items included on the quote. The net price of any line item included on the quote cannot be zero. Learn more about Stripe's minimum and maximum charge amounts.

When they click Check out, a new window will appear for customers to enter their information and complete their purchase. When the purchase is complete, the payment will go directly to your integrated Stripe account. Stripe will create a receipt for a one-time payment or an invoice for recurring payments. If there is a discount applied to the quote, a coupon will be created in Stripe.

Please note: after a coupon is created in your Stripe account, HubSpot does not recommend making any changes to the coupon as it could impact the customer's checkout session. If you make changes to the quote-level discount in HubSpot, it is recommended to recall the quote, edit the discount, then re-publish the quote.

When the payment is successful, HubSpot will create a new customer in Stripe if an existing customer with the same email address does not already exist. HubSpot will sync the following properties to the newly created customer in Stripe:

  • Email address
  • Company name (if the company name is not available, HubSpot will sync across the contact's first name and last name instead)

In HubSpot, the quote's payment status will change to Paid: [date of payment] on the Quote card on the deal record and you'll receive an email notifying you that the quote has been paid.

To email customers for successful payments or get a notification when a payment is received, turn on this setting in your Stripe account.

Collect recurring payments in Stripe

When collecting recurring payments in Stripe, keep the following in mind:

  • You can have a mix of fixed and recurring payment types for each line item included in your quote. However, if your quote includes line items with recurring payment types, the payment frequency must be the same forall line items in order to collect recurring payments with the Stripe integration. This means you cannot have a mix of monthly or annual recurring payments on single quote.
  • Contract length is not supported with the integration. Recurring line items will need to have no set term length.
  • When collecting recurring payments with the Stripe integration, any taxes included on the quote are only applied to the first charge Stripe makes. All subsequent charges do not include the tax. It is recommend to apply the tax to the individual line item's price, instead of applying the tax to the quote's total.
  • Customers will be charged on the day they click Check out, and that will be their billing date moving forward. If your quote has an expiration date, customers won't be able to click Check out after the quote has expired. Subscriptions created in Stripe for recurring payments will recur indefinitely and need to be manually canceled in Stripe if the customer opts out.
  • When using Stripe to collect recurring payments, HubSpot will not create subscription records in the HubSpot CRM. 

Currencies not supported by the HubSpot-Stripe integration

Stripe may support a currency in certain cases, but HubSpot and Stripe may not define those currencies the same way. For example, there are some currencies that Stripe defines as two decimal currencies, but HubSpot defines them as zero decimal currencies. The currencies that are not supported by the HubSpot-Stripe integration are listed below:

  • AFN
  • ALL
  • AMD
  • COP
  • CRC
  • HUF
  • IDR
  • ISK
  • LBP
  • MMK
  • MRO
  • MUR
  • PKR
  • RSD
  • SOS
  • TZS
  • UZS
  • YER

The following are currencies that HubSpot supports, but are not supported by Stripe:

  • BHD
  • BYR
  • CLF
  • EEK
  • ERN
  • GHS
  • IQD
  • IRR
  • JOD
  • KWD
  • LTL
  • LVL
  • LYD
  • OMR
  • SDG
  • SYP
  • TND
  • VEF
  • ZMK
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