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Last updated: January 5, 2017

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There may be a time where the HubSpot Salesforce integration didn't work quite the way you expected. This article will address some likely occurrences or common misconceptions about the integration capabilities, as well as a list of commonly asked questions.

Most of our troubleshooting tips are found in HubSpot’s knowledge database, where you can type in a question to search the knowledge base. Other user guides are found here as well for your convenience.

Why isn't a contact syncing to Salesforce?

Often times a new lead will fill out one of your forms or perhaps some new contacts have been imported into your HubSpot account, but they won't sync over to Salesforce. There are a couple requirements that dictate whether or not a HubSpot contact will be synced over to your Salesforce account. First, if you notice a particular contact is not syncing from HubSpot to Salesforce, you can check to see if there is a message on the contact in question by navigating to their contact record and observing the error messaging located in the Salesforce Sync section on the left-hand side of their contact record.

As a general rule, a contact will not sync to Salesforce if:

  • they have a Lifecycle Stage of Subscriber and are not on the Inclusion List.
  • you have an Inclusion List and they do not meet its criteria.
  • they do not meet any Validation Rules that you have set up in Salesforce.

If your HubSpot contact does not appear to meet any of the above criteria and you believe there is another reason why this contact isn't syncing from HubSpot to Salesforce, be sure to check the HubSpot log messages in Salesforce (viewable by finding the HubSpot Logs object).  You can then find the most recent log and its corresponding message to see if the error may apply to your specific contact.

Why is my Salesforce account suspended?

There may be a time you navigate to your integration with Salesforce and notice that the integration has been suspended.

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This typically happens for one of three reasons:

  • your Salesforce credentials are no longer valid
  • you may have exceeded your API call limit
  • Salesforce was temporarily unavailable when HubSpot attempted to sync

Take a look at this help document to find out how you can go about figuring this out and resolving one of these issues if it arises.

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