Why are the changes I've made to a module's content on my template not being applied to my content?

Last updated: May 31, 2018

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Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, Enterprise

If you've updated the content in a module in one of your blog, email, or page templates, but are not seeing the changes reflected in the content editor or live content, it may be due to the module configuration in the template.

  • First, ensure that you've clicked Publish changes at the top right of the template in the layout editor to apply any changes to your content.

  • If the module has not been locked at the template-level, it can be edited in the content editor for each individual piece of content using the template. Edits made at the content editor-level will supersede template-level changes and will not be overwritten if the module is edited in the template thereafter.
    • To lock a module in content editors, right-click the module in the layout editor, then select Prevent editing in content editors. A strikethrough pencil icon notEditable will appear on the right of a module once it has been locked.

  • If the module that has been updated is in a flexible column, the changes will be reflected on new content using the template but not on existing content. Unless updated at the content editor-level, the module content in the content editor or live content will reflect the module's contents as they originally appeared in the template when the page was first created.

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