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Last updated: October 23, 2018

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Applies to:

Sales Hub
Service Hub

As your sales and services teams grow, coaching your team members requires more time and effort. With the playbooks tool, you can provide guidance easily with interactive content cards displayed in contact, company, deal, and ticket records to allow your team members to reference and create standardized notes when speaking to prospects and customers.

Please note: only users with Publish and/or Write playbooks permissions can create, edit, and delete playbooks. Sales Hub and Service Hub Enterprise users without playbooks permissions can still view and use playbooks in the playbooks tool and on contact, company, deal, and ticket records.

Create playbooks

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Playbooks.
  • In the upper right, click Create.
  • You can create a call script or a how-to playbook from scratch, or with a template. Select a playbook type, then click Createcreate-playbooks-select-a-playbook-type
  • In the playbooks editor, enter a Title for your playbook.
  • Write the playbook Body content. Use the toolbar at the top to format your content, or insert links, images, and embed codes. Click the add plus icon to the left of the body content to insert an image, embed code, or question & answer.

    • Click Image to browse for an image in your file manager, upload an image from your computer, or enter an image URL. 
    • Click Embed code to insert a URL to create a YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram embed code.
    • Click Question & answer to allow users to ask the prospect or customer a question, then enter their answer or select their answer from a predetermined set of responses.
      • In the dialog box, write a question or prompt
      • Select an Answer option
        • Open text field only: enter responses in a open text field. 
        • Use a set of answers that saves to a noteselect from a predetermined set of responses that then save as a note on the contact record. To add a quick reply, click into the Quick replies field and enter a reply option, then click Create option "[option]", or hit the Enter key.
        • Use a set of answers that saves to a contact property: select from a predetermined set of responses that then saves to a contact property. Select a property from the dropdown menu to link to. Only properties with preset values will be available in the dropdown menu - single-line or multi-line text properties will not be listed. create-question
      • When you're done, click Save
  • After writing your playbook content, click Preview in the upper right to preview what the playbook will look like on a contact, company, deal, or ticket record.
  • When you're done, click Publish in the top right to take your playbook live.

Use playbooks on contact, company, deal, or ticket records

  • The playbook content will display in the right pane. If the playbook has question & answer(s) with quick replies or a notes field, you can click quick replies or enter notes, then click Save.

Please note: at this time, you can only select one quick reply response.


  • If the playbook is saved as a note, it will appear in the object timeline with the questions, answers, and notes.

  • Any contact properties that are linked to a question & answer will be updated with the quick reply response. 

View playbooks in Slack

If you've installed HubSpot's integration with Slack, you can search for and view playbooks directly in Slack by using the /hs-search-playbook slash command.

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