How to set up your email tracking

Last updated: November 28, 2018

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Marketing Hub
Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

When you use HubSpot for sending emails, HubSpot will track a variety of performance metrics associated with your email sends. In order to accomplish this, any link in your email will be rewritten when the email is sent so HubSpot can track the activity associated with these links. This all happens behind the scenes and won't disturb your user's experience with your email nor the functionality of the links you've created.

There are three different types of email tracking HubSpot provides within the email tool:

  • Click trackingClick tracking is used to count the number of clicks each link in your email receives after you send it. 
  • Source trackingSource tracking is used to identify where traffic to your website has come from and is done through utm tracking queries.
  • Identity TrackingIdentity tracking is used to identify your contacts before they re-convert to your site.

By default, all three types of tracking are enabled. Follow these instructions to customize these settings.

Please note: the following instructions are for setting up email tracking for the email tool in HubSpot Marketing Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. If you'd like to learn about tracking one-off sales emails with HubSpot Sales, check out this article.

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