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Last updated: April 17, 2018

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With the documents tool, you can build a library of up-to-date sales content for your entire team. Get instant alerts when prospects interact with your content and see aggregate metrics on your content performance.

Add a document

To add a new document to your documents library, navigate in HubSpot to Sales Tools > Documents.

Click Upload new document, then select the import source for your file. Make sure your file adheres to the file type and size restrictions

Once the document has been uploaded, it will appear in your documents dashboard. 

Please note: as documents are publicly shared, the documents tool should not be used to send sensitive or confidential information.

Manage your document

Once you have uploaded your document to HubSpot, click the document name to access it for editing. To edit the document title, click the pencil icon at the upper-left. Click Save when you're done.

To replace the existing document, click Re-upload at the upper-right, then select the source of the file from the dropdown menu.

To delete the document, click Actions > Delete in the upper-right. In the dialog box that appears, click Yes, delete document to confirm.

Set up your branding (Sales Hub Starter and Professional only)

If you have a Sales Hub Starter or Professional account, you can customize the branding on your documents. To do so, click your photo or avatar in the upper right-hand corner of your HubSpot account and click Settings, then click Sales Branding in the left sidebar menu. Here you can upload a logo and customize the color that will appear in the document viewer when you share your document. 

Please note: changes you make to your sales branding settings will apply to all users in all of your sales tools, except for the messages tool

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Share your document

HubSpot will automatically apply tracking when you share a document, which will allow you to see if/when your prospect views the document. You can also require recipients to input their email address prior to viewing the content. There are four different ways to share documents:

  • From the documents tool
  • Your email inbox
  • In sales templates

Share from the documents tool

  • Hover over the document in the dashboard, then click Share.

  • Alternatively, click Share in the upper-right in a specific document.

  • In the dialog box that appears, enter the recipient's email address under Who are you sending this to?
  • To track the individuals who view this document, ensure the toggle switch for Require email address to view document is ON. 
  • Click Get link.

  • Click Copy to copy the document link or Email from CRM to navigate to the recipient's contact record.

Share from your email inbox

Insert document links in emails from your inbox using the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension or one of the add-ins: 

Share from an email template

  • Navigate to Sales Tools > Templates.

  • In the templates dashboard, click New template in the upper right-hand corner or click a template name to edit an existing template.
  • Click Document at the bottom of the template editor.
  • In the modal window that appears, select the Document and enter the link display text.
  • Check Require email to view document to track individuals who view this document. 
  • Check Include link preview to show a preview of your document in the email body.
  • Click Insert when you are done. 

Here is how your template will look with the document link preview included:

Share from a sequence

When enrolling a contact in a sequence, click the documents icon in the bottom right-hand corner of a template in the sequence editor dialog box. Select the document from the dropdown menu, edit the link text to display, and select whether you would like to require an email address and display a link preview. Then click Insert.
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Report on your document

You can review data about your documents in two ways. First, you'll receive instant, real-time notifications when your document is viewed. These views will appear on your activity stream, as well as on the contact record of the recipient.

Second, you can view document performance data in two reports on your reporting dashboard. 

  • In your HubSpot account, click Dashboard in the main navigation menu.

  • Click Add Report at the upper right.

  • Navigate to Sales Documents in the left sidebar.
  • Here, you'll see a Documents Summary report, which gives you a high-level overview of how your documents are performing, and a Top Documents report, which shows your most popular documents.
  • Click Add underneath the report names to add them to your dashboard.
Please note: if the Add button is grayed out on the reports, this indicates you've hit the reports limit (10) for that dashboard. In order to add more reports, you can create a new dashboard or remove reports from the current dashboard.

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