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Use HubSpot and Zoom webinars

Last updated: September 20, 2021

Applies to:

All products and plans

After connecting the Zoom integration, you can sync webinar registration and attendance details from Zoom to HubSpot and use this information to segment your contacts in HubSpot. You can also add registrants to a Zoom webinar using HubSpot workflows.

Sync Zoom webinars to HubSpot

After connecting the Zoom integration, configure your webinar sync settings and choose how contacts are created in HubSpot from the integration.

  • In your HubSpot account, click the Marketplace icon marketplace in the main navigation bar, then select App Marketplace.
  • Click the Webinars tab to configure settings for your Zoom webinars. 
  • Select the Sync data from recordings and transcripts checkbox to sync all new webinar and meeting recordings and transcripts from Zoom to HubSpot. 
  • Select the Sync data from newly scheduled webinars checkbox to sync new webinars from Zoom to HubSpot.
  • Click the Choose a Zoom user dropdown menu to view their webinars in HubSpot.
  • Select the Sync checkbox beside the webinar to sync its data to HubSpot.


  • To prevent contacts from being created in HubSpot from your organization, click the Settings tab then enter the email addresses or domains in the Contact exclusions field. 


Please note: HubSpot’s integration with Zoom only accepts three required fields in the Zoom registration linkFirst nameLast name and Email. If the registration link has any other required fields, the registration will fail. 

Segment contacts in HubSpot using Zoom properties

You can filter contact records using the following properties, which are automatically created in your HubSpot account after connecting the Zoom app:

  • Average Zoom webinar attendance duration: the average percentage of each webinar that the contact attends. A 100% value for this property, for example, would mean that the contact attended the full duration of each webinar.
  • Last registered Zoom webinar: the URL of the webinar the contact most recently registered for. This is populated if the contact was added as a registrant to the Zoom webinar manually or through a HubSpot workflow.
  • Total number of Zoom webinar registrations: the total number of webinars the contact has registered for.
  • Total number of Zoom webinars attended: the total number of webinars the contact attended.

You can also segment your contacts based on the attributes of a specific Zoom event using the following filters:

  • Zoom: Recording Available Event: if you recorded one of your Zoom events, you can choose this filter, then refine by the Event Topic, Event Start Time, or Recording URL.
  • Zoom: Webinar Attendance Event: to filter based on attendance, choose this filter to segment your contacts based on the Attendance Duration, Attendance Duration Percent, Webinar id, or Webinar name.
  • Zoom: Webinar Registration Event: to filter based on registration, choose this filter to segment your contacts based on the Webinar id, or Webinar Name.

View Zoom webinar registration and attendance details on a contact timeline

Zoom webinar events appear on HubSpot contact record timelines, showing you the webinar date, when a contact joined and left the webinar, and the amount of time the contact was attending the webinar for.


Please note: webinar registrants must use their primary email address. Webinar registrations made with a contact's secondary email address will not be registered in HubSpot or added to a contact's timeline.