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Buyer checkout experience

Last updated: April 11, 2024

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When a buyer is making a purchase through an invoice, payment link, or quote, they’ll be brought to a checkout page that includes a summary of their order, including any applied discounts. If the purchase includes recurring line items, the order summary will indicate when HubSpot will charge their credit card or withdraw money from their account for each recurring payment.

This article describes what happens when a buyer uses an invoice, payment link, or quote to make a purchase. You can also test the buyer experience yourself by testing a payment link before you share it. Learn more about what happens in HubSpot when a buyer makes a successful payment.

Please note:
  • The checkout page should only be used for online payment transactions, and does not support the collection of sensitive payment information from your customers orally or by phone.
  • HubSpot accounts using HubSpot Payments have Google reCAPTCHA Enterprise enabled by default. If your customers do not wish to use Google reCAPTCHA, it is advised that they don’t submit payments at checkout.
  • HubSpot accounts using Stripe as a payment processor can choose to disable Google reCAPTCHA Enterprise on the buyer checkout page.

Review order summary

On the checkout page, the buyer can review a summary of their order, including the line items, any discounts, the total amount owed, and any additional terms included in the checkout description.

If the buyer is checking out using a payment link that allows them to set their own price, select product quantity, or add optional products, they can do so in the order summary section.


Contact and payment information

Next to the order summary, buyers can enter their contact information along with payment method information.

By default, HubSpot will automatically fill in the email address and name fields for shipping and billing information when the customer is a known contact checking out through an invoice or quote. You can turn this off in your payment settings.


Depending on how the invoice, payment link, or quote is configured, buyers will have several options for paying. For all payment methods, the buyer must fill out any required fields before they can submit payment.

Please note:

  • Credit/debit card: when paying using a credit card, the buyer should fill in the Payment info form fields, then click Pay [$ amount].
  • Apple/Google Pay: if card payments are enabled, HubSpot will automatically include the option for Apple Pay and Google pay for browsers and devices that are configured for those payment methods. After selecting this payment option, the buyer should click Pay [$ amount], then confirm the payment on their device.
    • If buyers report issues using Apple Pay or Google Pay, ensure they have set up their cards correctly as specified by Apple and Google.
  • Bank transfer: if paying with a bank transfer method, such as ACH, the buyer can either authorize payment by logging in to their account or entering their information manually.

    Please note: HubSpot payments only enables ACH, as only you can only collect payment in USD. To collect payments in international currencies and enable other bank transfer methods, set up Stripe payment processing.

    • ACH: buyers can click US bank account, then search for their bank to log in. Or, they can click Enter bank details manually instead to manually enter their account information.
    • SEPA: buyers can click SEPA Debit, then will need to manually enter their bank information.

For all payment methods, the buyer must fill out any required fields before they can submit payment.

Payment completion

After the payment is complete, an order summary will appear on the buyer's screen. If you collected a payment from a scheduling page, a confirmation message will appear letting the contact know that their payment was submitted and the meeting was scheduled.


They will also receive a copy of the receipt in their inbox.


For recurring payments, the buyer will be charged every billing cycle per the terms set on the quote or payment link, and they will receive an email receipt each time they are charged. If you have the Upcoming payment reminder setting turned on in your account, they will also be notified of their next payment 14 days before the payment is due. 


If you're a HubSpot user using the payments tool, learn more about what happens when a buyer makes a payment using a link or quote.

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