How do I manually log a call, email, or meeting on a contact, company, or deal record?

Last updated: March 27, 2018


To log a call, email, or meeting on a contact, company, or deal record:

  • Navigate to your contacts, companies, or deals:
    • In your HubSpot Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Contacts Contacts or Companies.
    • In your HubSpot CRM FreeSales Starter, or Sales Professional account, click ContactsCompanies or Deals in the main navigation menu.
  • Click the name of the contact/company/deal.
  • Click the Log activity tab at the top of the timeline.

  • Choose to Log a call, Log an email, or Log a meeting
  • Click into the text box to describe your activity. When logging a call, you can use the Select an outcome dropdown menu to categorize the call.

  • Click the date and time at the upper-right to change the date and time of the activity.
  • The activity will appear on the timeline of the records shown in the Associated with section. Use the Add a contact/company/deal dropdown menus to add an associated contact/company/deal, or click the to remove an associated contact/company/deal. Learn more about this feature here.
  • When you're done, click Log activity.

  • Your logged activity will display on the contact/company/deal record timeline. To edit or delete a previously logged activity, locate the activity in the timeline and click Edit to make changes, or click Actions Delete to remove the activity from the timeline.

  • Logged activities will also contribute toward the Productivity numbers in your sales dashboard.

In the iOS and Android mobile app

  • In your iOS or Android mobile app, navigate to Contacts or Companies.
  • Tap the name of the contact or company.
  • Within the Timeline tab, tap Add note, activity, or task.
iOS Android
  • Fill out the information for your specific note, activity, or task, and then click Save.

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