Email Notifications

Turn off or silence real-time notifications in HubSpot Sales

November 20, 2018


To quickly silence notifications for short periods of time, click the HubSpot Sales icon in the top-right corner of your Chrome browser. Then click the gear icon. Here, you'll see a toggle that silences notifications.

  • If you switch the toggle off, HubSpot Sales will still track emails, but the real-time notifications will be silenced for 24 hours.
  • Turning the toggle back on will re-enable real-time notifications.
  • You can always view silenced notifications by clicking the HubSpot Sales icon or by viewing your activity feed by navigating to Contacts Activity Feed
  • This notification toggle will reset each day. 

If you're using the HubSpot Sales Windows tray app, right-click on the HubSpot icon on your PC and select Pause Notifications

Alternatively, you can mute notifications for particular email threads by clicking More > Mute in your activity feed. If you would like to delete a notification entirely from your activity feed, click the X icon in the top-right corner of the notification.