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How do HubSpot Sales notifications work?

Last updated: December 15, 2017

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HubSpot Sales is able to track emails by embedding a 1x1 pixel invisible image into a message once it is sent. When the user views the email and the image loads, you'll receive an open notification. 

You can receive real-time notifications if you are using the HubSpot Sales extension for Google Chrome or the HubSpot Sales Outlook tray app. You can also view your notifications at any time within your activity feed. 

Each notification will have a time and date attached to it. The time and date will be set to the time zone that you're currently in, not the recipient's time zone. 

HubSpot Sales will not send email notifications when you open your own emails. To test the email open notification feature with HubSpot Sales, send a tracked email to or try sending a test email to a colleague or friend.

Real-time notifications

You must have Google Chrome running on your computer with the HubSpot Sales extension enabled or the HubSpot Sales for Windows Outlook tray app in order to receive real-time notifications. Here is an example of each type of real-time notification that is sent by HubSpot Sales:


An email is opened 


A link is clicked

A HubSpot website visit


Viewing your activity feed

All of your notifications can also be found in your activity feed. You can access your activity feed by clicking on the extension in Google Chrome or, from within your HubSpot Sales account, by clicking on Sales ToolsActivity Feed.  

Your activity will be categorized into the following feeds: 

  • All activities: see all recent engagement.
  • Highlights: see recent engagement by your hottest leads.
  • Email activity: see all recent email opens or clicks.
  • Lead activity: see your new lead assignments, form submissions, documents viewed, prospect website visits, and meetings booked.

Please note: at this time, it is not possible to restore deleted notifications in your HubSpot Sales activity feed.

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