Send and reply to one-to-one emails

Last updated: February 26, 2019

You can send an email to individual contacts in HubSpot from the contact record or from the associated company, deal, or ticket record. You can also reply to emails in HubSpot from the record timeline.

Please note: a connected inbox is required to send emails through the CRM. Learn how to connect your inbox

Send one-to-one emails

  • Click Send.

Reply to one-to-one emails

  • In you HubSpot account, navigate to your contacts, companies, deals, or tickets.
  • Click the name of a record.
  • Locate the email on the record timeline and click Reply. If the thread includes another member of your team, click Reply all to reply to both.

Please note: if the email is from your team member to the contact, clicking Reply will send the email only to your team member, and not the contact.

    • To send the email to a specific email address, in the To field, click the name, then select another email address. 
    • To send from another one of your user's connected email addresses, in the From field, click your email address then select another connected email address to send from. 
    • Enter a subject for your email.
    • Type the body of your message. In the top bar:
    • Use the icons at the bottom to format your text textColor, add hyperlinks link, add images insertImage, add snippets textSnippet, add links to your knowledge base bulb (Service Hub only), edit your signature signature, and attach files attach.
  • Click Send.