What triggers a sync with Salesforce?

Last updated: January 18, 2018

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Please find below the various actions and/or events that trigger a sync between HubSpot and Salesforce. Properties that are not mapped will not trigger syncs. Click here to learn more about mapping contact properties.

Before moving forward, please be aware that every 5 to 15 minutes, HubSpot checks to see if anything needs to be updated between your HubSpot account and integrated Salesforce account, and if so, a sync is triggered. Form submissions and manual syncs (e.g., clicking resync with Salesforce from a list or contact record) are synced as quickly as possible and typically sync in less than a minute. The following actions can trigger a sync:

  • Contact submits a form
  • Contact is manually synced (individual contact or list)
  • Email is sent to contact (Salesforce activity box is checked)
  • Email is opened by contact (Salesforce activity box is checked)
  • Contact clicks on a link within an email (Salesforce activity box is checked)
  • A contact/lead property value changes in HubSpot or Salesforce (field mappings update rules apply)
  • A new contact/lead record is added in Salesforce (and the correct settings are enabled)
  • A new contact record is added in HubSpot with a lifecycle stage anything other than SubscriberIf you're using an inclusion list, any (new or existing) contact that is added to your inclusion list will trigger a sync.
  • Changes to contact/lead ownership
  • Changes to mapped account fields (according to update rules)
  • Changes to the select deal/opportunity fields that are syncing
  • Lifecycle stage transitions (if automatic lifecycle stage transitions are enabled)
  • A lead/contact is added to an active Salesforce campaign from HubSpot

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