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Overview of the help desk workspace

Last updated: May 8, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Service Hub   Professional , Enterprise

The help desk workspace is a central location in your HubSpot account where you and your team can manage tickets. You can connect chat, email, form, calling, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger channels to the help desk tool, which consolidates your support process into a single workspace. Support agents in your account can respond to tickets, prioritize and organize tickets, and more efficiently triage issues for your customers.

Please note: only Super admins and users with a Service Hub seat can access all features in help desk. Users with Service or Sales Access can still view and collaborate within the help desk workspace. However, they won't have access to default views, help desk settings, and customizations. Users can only see tickets in help desk that they have access to. Learn how to limit access to tickets for your users

Connect channels to help desk

Before you can start communicating with customers in help desk, connect channels to create tickets from incoming messages. When you connect a channel, new incoming messages will appear in your help desk. If you’ve chosen to migrate existing conversations over to help desk when connecting a channel, historical conversations will also appear.

Organize help desk

Manage tickets efficiently by using the default views or create custom views. You can group members into teams to easily control what’s visible for each team. Customize the right sidebar so your team can efficiently manage tickets. 

Configure your help desk settings

Set up your help desk settings to improve your team's efficiency and responsiveness to handle tickets effectively. You can direct tickets to the right agents, configure your working hours and set clear SLA goals. 

Create, respond and manage tickets in help desk

Help desk allows you to navigate between existing tickets and create new ones without having to leave the workspace. You can respond and manage tickets directly in help desk, enable automatic transcripts and, move and merge tickets. 

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