Customize your HubSpot Sales Chrome extension default configuration options

Last updated: May 30, 2018


With the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension installed, you'll see a HubSpot sprocket icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Gmail account. This is where you configure your extension settings. 



After you click the sprocket icon, you'll see the following configuration options (click an option to jump to that section for more information): 

  1. Switch connected HubSpot account 
  2. Extension settings 
  3. Email integration settings (for your connected inbox)
  4. Help & troubleshooting 
  5. Sign out of HubSpot 

Switch connected HubSpot account

Click Switch connected HubSpot account to choose a different HubSpot account to store your email tracking and logging information (if you have multiple HubSpot accounts).

Once you click this option, you'll see the HubSpot account you're currently connected to marked as In use. You'll also see a list of your other HubSpot accounts. To select a different HubSpot account to sync with your tracked and logged emails (and to use sales tools from), click Select beside that account.  

You'll then see a dialog box with information on how this configuration option will affect your data. Click Continue and then click Got it to complete the process.

You can also change your connected account in HubSpot.

Extension settings

Your extension settings have a couple different configuration options depending on whether your inbox is connected or disconnected from HubSpot: 

  • Configure your 'Never log' settings (connected inbox)  
  • Set log and track defaults (connected inbox)
  • Turn off the extension (disconnected inbox)

'Never log' settings (connected inbox)

If your inbox is connected, you can specify email addresses and domains to never log emails for:

  • Click Extension settings.
  • You'll then see a Never log screen. In the text field, enter an email address or a domain you do not wish to log emails for and click Add
  • You can continue to add additional email addresses or email domains to the field one at a time, clicking Add after entering each.

When you send an email to a recipient with the email address or email domain that's on your Never log list, the email will not log in HubSpot. You can also specify never log emails and domains from your HubSpot account settings.

To remove an email address or email domain from your Never log list:

  • Click the Manage dropdown menu beside the email address or email domain and then select Remove.
  • Team admins will also have the option to Block for all users. That way, other users in the account will not be able to log emails to the specified email address or email domain.

You can also block specific IP addresses from email tracking in HubSpot.

Set log and track defaults (connected inbox)

With a connected inbox, you can set log and track defaults under your extension settings. To do so: 

  • After clicking Extension settings, click I want to set a default
  • Toggle the Log email and Track email switches on if you want your emails to be logged and tracked by default. If you would rather manually check the boxes for logging and tracking each time you send an email, then leave these switches off.


Turn off the extension (disconnected inbox)

After disconnecting your inbox from HubSpot, you can disable tracking for any email addresses you have sent tracked emails to in the past. 

Turning off the extension for an account will fully disable the extension for the account. This will remove the ability to use sales features like sequences, templates, documents, and the Track and Log options in your inbox.

To disable tracking for a particular email address, select Extension settings and then click Turn off.  

For any other inboxes you don't wish to track or log emails from, repeat the steps above.

Please note: HubSpot Sales will continue to send notifications for tracked emails that were sent prior to disabling the extension.

Email integration settings

Click Email integration settings to manage the settings for your connected inbox. You'll be brought to your HubSpot account's email integration settings under Integrations > Email Integrations

Here, you can connect or disconnect your inbox under the Connected Emails tab. Under the HubSpot Extensions tab, you can download the extension and configure the following: 

Help & troubleshooting

If you're looking to learn more about the extension or get stuck on something while working with it, click Help & troubleshooting to access articles in the HubSpot Knowledge Base.

Sign out of HubSpot

Click Sign out of HubSpot to sign out of your HubSpot account from Gmail. You'll be logged out and redirected to the login screen.

Please be aware that in order to use the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension in Gmail, you must be logged into

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