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Use the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension in Salesforce (BETA)

Last updated: December 12, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise
Service Hub Professional, Enterprise
Operations Hub Professional, Enterprise
CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise
After installing the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension, you can turn on the extension in your settings for use in Salesforce. This will allow you to use HubSpot tools such as calling, meetings, sequence enrollments, and more directly in Salesforce and on your Salesforce contact, lead, and account records. 

Before you get started

When using the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension in Salesforce, please note the following: 

  • You must install the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension in your browser. Learn more about using the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension.
  • To use the HubSpot Chrome extension with Salesforce records, Salesforce users must also be a user in HubSpot and logged in to the latter system. Users will need the View records permissions in HubSpot.
  • For the Chrome extension to display information on a Salesforce account or opportunity record, the account/opportunity must be syncing with a respective HubSpot company/deal, and that company/deal must have an associated, syncing contact.

Turn on the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension 

To turn on the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension in Salesforce:
  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings settings icon in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to General
  • At the top, click the Email tab.
  • Click to expand the Extension settings section. 
  • Click to toggle the Enable the Chrome extension in Salesforce switch on.
  • In the dialog box, click Allow. When the extension is turned on, it will display HubSpot sidebar enabled in Salesforce.


Turn off the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension 

Currently, it is not possible to turn the extension off from your account settings. To turn off the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension in Salesforce, remove the extension's permissions in your browser settings:

  • From your browser, in the top right, click the menu icon. Then, click Extensions > Manage extensions
  • On your extensions page, search for HubSpot Sales, then click Details
  • In the Site access section, click to toggle the Automatically allow access on the following sites switch off.
    • This should automatically turn off access to *://** and remove the extension's features from your Salesforce account. To continue using the extension in Gmail, it is recommended to turn on access to other domains. 
    • If the extension does not automatically turn off, click to toggle the switch off.
    • If you want to turn on the extension in Salesforce again, you can do so from your HubSpot account. 

Use the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension with records in Salesforce

After turning on the extension, users will be able to see the HubSpot Sales sidebar when using Salesforce. This sidebar will match contact and company profiles in Salesforce with related profiles in HubSpot.


Use the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension to bulk enroll contacts or leads

If you have a paid Sales Hub or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise seat, you can bulk enroll contacts or leads directly from Salesforce into a HubSpot sequence: 
  • From the Salesforce contact and lead pages, select the checkboxes next contacts or leads that you'd like to enroll in a sequence. 
  • At the top left, click Enroll in sequence.
  • In the dialog box, use the search bar to search for a sequence by name, or click the Owner dropdown menu and select a filter option
  • The Last used at column is user specific, so it will show the sequences that you last sent. To sort your sequences, click a column header
  • Hover over a sequence and click Select.
  • In the next window, customize your sequence templates and settings. Learn more about personalizing your sequence email content
  • Specify the email template you want the sequence to start at, set delays between sequence steps, and specify times that you would like each sequence template to send.
  • Then, click Start sequence.



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