Contact Properties

Why did all of my contact's email properties change with the change source of 'Email'?

Last updated: September 12, 2017


You may notice that after a contact's email address changes, their contact properties categorized as Email Information (full list here) will update as well since they're based on the contact’s current email address.

There are three instances where you might see data changing or prepopulating:

  • When a new contact is created, their email address may have belonged to another contact at some point in the past. As a result, there may already be data associated with that email address; this data will populate any relevant email information properties upon contact creation.
  • When a deleted contact is restored, its property values may have changed since it was deleted, making the values presently on the contact out-of-date. For example, a marketing email sent to that email address may have gotten additional clicks after it was deleted, but since the contact no longer existed, there was nowhere for the updated property value to be recorded. 
  • When two contacts are merged, or a contact’s email address is changed, the property values after the change need to reflect the new primary email address. For example, the inactive email address may have had values for a property for which the new primary email address has no values at all.
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