What is the relationship between the Close date, Became a customer date, and Lifecycle stage properties in a contact record?

Last updated: November 30, 2017


This article explains the relationship between the Close date, Became a customer date, and Lifecycle stage contact properties: 

  • Close date: the date that a contact became a customer. This property is set manually or automatically by HubSpot when the contact's associated deal or opportunity is marked as closed-won. 
  • Became a customer date: the date that a contact's lifecycle stage changed to Customer. This is automatically set by HubSpot for each contact.
  • Lifecycle stage: indicates at what point the contact is at within the marketing/sales process.

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  • When a contact's Lifecycle Stage is set to customer, the properties Close Date and Became a customer date will be set to the date that the lifecycle stage was updated.

  • If you then manually select a different lifecycle stage (e.g., change lifecycle stage back to Lead), the Became a customer date property will be cleared automatically. The Close date property value will remain unless you manually clear the date value.

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