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Your email was not tracked with HubSpot Sales

Last updated: August 10, 2017

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After sending a test email to you may receive a response back that your email was not tracked properly.

This article will take you through some general troubleshooting steps that resolve most problems related to email tracking.

  1. If you are sending from Gmail, some Chrome extensions can conflict with HubSpot Sales' email tracking. If you have other Chrome extensions enabled, try disabling them and sending a test email again in order to determine which extension is causing the conflict.
  2. If you are using Outlook for Desktop, ensure that either the Chome extension or HubSpot Sales for Windows is installed and enabled. 
  3. Before sending the email, ensure that the Track email checkbox has been selected.
  4. HubSpot Sales is unable to track email if they are sent in Plain Text mode. If you see that emails are being sent in Plain Text, you'll want to switch to HTML mode.
    • Outlook: Compose a new email, on the Message Options tab, in the Format group, click the format that you want to use HTML, or Rich Text.
    • Gmail: Compose a new email, select the down-arrow icon in bottom right corner of the compose window. In the resulting menu, disable Plain text mode
  5. Try uninstalling the extension following these instructions for Gmail or Outlook. Then install the extension again following these instructions

After walking through these steps, send another test tracked email to and a notification should be sent properly.

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