Schedule a meeting with a contact from a contact, company or deal record

Last updated: November 5, 2018


To schedule a meeting with a contact in the CRM:

  • Navigate to your contacts, companies, or deals
  • Click the name of the contact, company, or deal.
  • Click the Schedule tab located at the top of the record. Here, you can add the following information:
    1. Enter a title for your meeting.
    2. Enter a description for your meeting.
    3. Click Duration to set the length of your meeting.
    4. Click Select meeting type to select the meeting type. This setting is available only if you have enabled customized call and meeting types.
    5. Set the start date and time of your meeting.
    6. Add or remove any associated contacts/companies/deals.
    7. Add a videoconference link to your meeting. 
    8. Select Add to Google Calendar to add the event to your Google Calendar and send the contact an invite.
    9. Click Save or Save and send invite.


If you have not yet integrated HubSpot with Google Calendar, click Integrate with Google Calendar.

On the page that opens, click Connect with Google Calendar, then click Allow to give HubSpot access. Learn more about connecting your Google Calendar to the CRM.

Once you send your meeting, your contact will receive an invitation with an .ics file which can be added to their calendar. An accepted meeting will automatically be created for you in your Google Calendar. If you do not have Add to Google Calendar selected, the meeting invitation will not be sent. The contact also needs to have an email address populated in the Email property in order to receive an invitation.

Please note: the Schedule feature on contact records works only with Google Calendar at this time. If you have not integrated with Google Calendar, you will be prompted to do so when scheduling a meeting.

Learn more about reaching out to your contacts using HubSpot Sales.

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