How can I use the ads dashboard to analyze my campaigns in the ads add-on?

Last updated: October 3, 2017

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Marketing: Free, Starter, Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: Free, Professional
Add-Ons: Ads

The ads dashboard is where you can create new paid campaigns, manage active and paused campaigns, and drill down into your ads data.

To get to your ads dashboard, navigate to Reports > Ads add-on. At the top of the Manage tab, you'll see the impressions, clicks, leads, and the number of deals associated with those leads that you have marked as closed won.  

The table below displays data on your campaigns' spend, leads, and ROI. Please note that the spend amount comes directly from the associated channel (Google AdWords or Facebook), while the ROI is calculated by HubSpot. You can dig further into a campaign’s metrics by clicking the campaign name.

Use the dropdown menus at the top of the Manage tab to filter your data by time range, networks, and/or campaign status.  

Click the Analyze tab to view a graph of the number of impressions, clicks, leads, or customers generated by your campaigns. You can filter the data here by time period or network using the dropdown menus at the top. 

Below the graph, in the Networks table, you’ll find a breakdown of your campaigns by channel, as well as a breakdown of each channel’s cost, impressions, clicks, leads, customers, and overall ROI.

The final section includes a set of graphs to show your top campaigns and underperforming campaigns. These charts compare the estimated revenue and ad spend for each of the campaigns.

For instructions on creating Google AdWords campaigns, check out this article. Learn how to create Facebook ads campaigns here.

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