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Last updated: January 17, 2017

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This article will walk through placing a call using Calling in HubSpot Sales. Calling give us the ability to place calls through our browser, through a desk phone or cell phone and also within Gmail. Each of these will allow you to record the call and log the call on the contact record in HubSpot CRM. 

Please note: The country code must be included when dialing to or from a country outside of the United States. Read more about this here

Also, the CRM will dial the number set for the contact's Phone Number property. Read more about this here if your contact does not have a value for Phone Number.

Place a call in the CRM

Within the CRM, we are able to place a call through our browser or through a hard-phone, like a desk phone or cell phone. 

Call through your phone

To place a call from your phone, navigate to the contact record of the person you'd like to call. Click Call from phone. If Call from browser is selected, click the dropdown to the right and select Call from phone.

Next, you will receive a phone call from our system, which will then connect you with your contact. The recipient's caller ID will display whichever phone number is selected in the Calling from dropdown.

Please note: When using the Call from phone option, two calls are essentially made - one to the first phone to set up the recording, and another to the second phone for the actual call. This will double the amount of calling minutes used.

Call through your browser

To place a call through your browser in the CRM, navigate to the contact record of the person you'd like to call and click the Call tab. Click Call from browser. If Call from phone is selected, click the dropdown to the right and select Call from phone.

The recipient's caller ID will display whichever phone number you have set as the default for calling.

Call recording and notes

Once you are connected to the client, click the Record icon to record the call. You can also type notes on the call in the main text box.

For call recording, our system will enable call recording automatically for one-party consent states. For all other areas, you'll need to get consent from the party you are calling in order to enable recording. In this case, you'll receive an alert after clicking the Record button. Make sure you inform the contact that you're recording the call, then click I have informed them.

When the call ends, you will be able to add any additional notes, and then save the call on the client's Contact Record by selecting Save call notes.


Using calling in Gmail

On top of being able to place calls from within the CRM, it is also possible to place calls from the HubSpot Sales Contact Profiles in Gmail.

To place a call from Gmail, select the email address of recipient you would like to call. This will pop open Contact Profiles.

You will have the same options as calling within the CRM, Call from My Browser or Call from my Phone.

When the call is in progress, you will have the ability to enable call recording, and take notes.

Once the call ends, you will be able to log the call recording and notes on the recipients Contact Record in the CRM.

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