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Last updated: July 19, 2016

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Now you are ready to deliver your webinar. Keep reading to learn how to use GoToWebinar to start your webinar and discover best practice tips to deliver a stellar webinar. 

If you'd like to learn more about webinar best practices, go here to view this webinar on "The Science of Webinars."

What to do during the webinar

It is advisable to follow a script so that you stay on time and on topic during the webinar.

Start 2 minutes past the hour. This gives people time to call in but does not make those on hold wait too long. Those who call in a couple minutes later usually do not miss much. Also, starting on time helps people be punctual for future webinars. It is tempting as a presenter to wait for more people to join. Be strong; don't do it.

Let the audience know in the introduction how you will be dealing with questions (whether you'll respond to select questions at the end, try to take them during the session, etc.). Make sure to capture all the questions people ask.

When doing a demo or showing software, try not to move too quickly or scroll up and down a web page too fast. Often, a refresh takes some time to complete based on the user's bandwidth. Plan on it taking about 5 seconds every time you change your screen for everyone to see the change.

Keep the content and media simple so you don't have any technology issues.

Have a definitive stop to the core material (within the time allotted). This is similar to what you'd do in an offline meeting. This way, those that only scheduled the appropriate time know when you are done and are not irritated by the fact that they're missing something "core." It's okay to extend beyond the end time as long as the officially scheduled program has a clean end so those that need to leave can leave.

Tell your participants during the webinar if you are going to send an email with a recording and slides as a follow-up to the meeting.

Log in to GoToWebinar

Log in to GoToWebinar and click the Start button next to the webinar that you are going to deliver.

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Launch GoToWebinar

Next launch GoToWebinar by clicking the Launch Application button in your internet browser's pop-up window. After launching GoToWebinar, you may have to enter your account password to access the meeting.

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Start your webinar

You are now ready to start your webinar. Click on the Start Broadcast button to begin the meeting.

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End the webinar

To end your webinar, simply click the red X at the top of the screen, or from the File menu, go to File > End Webinar. Then click OK on the pop-up "End the Webinar" prompt screen to confirm the closing of the application.

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