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Last updated: November 20, 2018


Find answers and general information quickly about the forms tool in HubSpot.


Does HubSpot track activity before a contact converts on a form?

Yes. When a visitor lands on your site, HubSpot tracks their activity and identifies them as a unique visitor by setting tracking cookies in their browser. Once the visitor submits a form, HubSpot will try to associate the new contact record with any previously tracked activity.

If a visitor clears their cookies before submitting a form on your site, HubSpot will not be able to associate previously tracked activity with the new contact.


Can I embed a HubSpot form in an email?

No, it is not possible embed HubSpot forms in your emails. Forms are not supported in email across common email clients due to security risks. Instead, it is best practice to place a call-to-action or a link to landing page with a form in the body of your email.


How do I integrate my custom-built form with HubSpot?

If you need additional functionality that is not available with standard HubSpot forms, you can work with your developer to integrate your external forms with HubSpot using the HubSpot Forms API.


Can I customize my form's JavaScript and HTML?

HubSpot forms are built with JavaScript, not HTML. Customizing the form embed code requires the help of a developer who knows how to work with JavaScript. Any customization that goes beyond adjusting the form embed code must be done with a custom-built form and the HubSpot Forms API.


Why is a field not appearing on my form?

If some fields are not being displayed on your form when you add it to a page, it is likely that the form has progressive profiling and HubSpot remembers you from previous interactions or testing. Progressive fields are hidden if the visitor has previously filled in the field or if the contact already has a value for the property.


What field validation is on HubSpot forms?

Email addresses entered into the Email field on a HubSpot form are immediately validated by HubSpot. If the email address is not valid (does not exist, is misspelled, etc.), the form cannot be submitted. You can also block specific email domains or validate phone numbers in form submissions.

If you want to build a form with custom validation rules, you can work with your developer to integrate your custom form with HubSpot using the HubSpot Forms API.


Can I change the field validation text on my form?

You cannot edit the form field validation text (e.g., "Please complete this mandatory field.") in HubSpot's forms tool. To do so, you can customize the form embed code or write a custom script to load on the page and replace the default validation message. Both methods require the help of a developer who knows how to work with JavaScript, and are not supported by HubSpot Support.


Why do I have more form submissions than contacts?

Form submissions are recorded any time the Submit button on a form is clicked. If a form is submitted multiple times with the same email address, only one contact will be created, but each form submission will be recorded. If a contact is deleted from HubSpot, their form submission will still appear, but they will no longer show up in a list filtered by the form's submissions.


Why aren't form submissions creating new contacts?

For a form submission to create a contact record in HubSpot, the default Email field must be used on your form. If not, you must allow form submissions without email addresses to create contacts.

If the form submission uses an email address already associated with a contact record, or if the submission is done in a browser with tracking cookies tied to an existing contact record, it will update the existing contact record and not create a new one. Learn more about how HubSpot deduplicates contacts.


Why does my contact not have any page views even though they've submitted a form?

If a contact has submitted a form but their Number of pageviews property value is '0', it's likely because cookies were blocked when the contact submitted the form. This could be due to several reasons:

  1. The contact has chosen to block cookies.
  2. Cookie tracking is disabled in the form options.
  3. If you're using the HubSpot Forms API, the form is not set to pass a cookie.

The HubSpot tracking code must also be installed on your site and firing correctly in order to track page views.


Can I use a company property as a field on my HubSpot form?

No. Only contact properties can be added as a field on a HubSpot form. If you have a Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise account, you use a workflow to copy contact to company properties.


How do I set a contact's lifecycle stage upon a form submission?

When a contact fills out a form, their lifecycle stage will be set to Lead by default. You can set a different lifecycle stage in one of two ways:

  1. Add the Lifecycle stage property to your form as a hidden field and set a default value.
  2. Set the Lifecycle stage property with a workflow (Professional and Enterprise accounts only).


Can I redirect visitors to different thank you pages based on their form responses?

No, it is not possible to send visitors to different thank you pages based on how they respond to questions on your form, unless you use a custom form with the HubSpot Forms API.

If you have a Professional or Enterprise account, you can use workflows to send different follow-up emails based on how contacts filled out a form.


Why was my contact's file removed from their form submission?

The HubSpot forms tool is equipped with virus detection that does not allow suspicious files to be uploaded. If one of your contacts tries to submit a form and includes a file and a virus is detected, you would see the message x file removed from submission. in the submission details.


Why do I see 'No contact record' in my form submissions?

If you have not enabled the option to allow form submissions without emails to create contacts, there are two reasons why you may see 'No contact record' in your form submissions:

  1. The Email field is not included and required on your form.
  2. The contact associated with the submission has been deleted from HubSpot.


Why do I see 'No record' for the conversion page in my form submissions?

If you see a 'No record' conversion page in your form submissions, this means HubSpot wasn't able to determine where the submission occurred. This could be due to two reasons:

  1. If your form is embedded on an external page, the tracking code may not be installed or is not firing correctly.
  2. If you're using the HubSpot Forms API, the pageName and pageUrl parameters may not be passed in the form submission. These parameters are required for HubSpot to record the submission page. Learn more about the required parameters for form submissions via the API.


Can I customize form submission notification emails?

If you have a Professional or Enterprise account, you can use workflows to create and send custom internal notification emails in addition to the default form submission notification emails.


No. When cookie tracking is disabled on a form, there's no cookie for the form fields to reference for a contact. The form no longer reads or captures a cookie, and smart fields and progressive profiling will not work.

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