Why wasn't my submission counted on the Form Analytics dashboard?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Views and Submissions from filtered IP addresses will not appear on the Form Analytics screen.

  • We do not count these views and submissions in order to report an accurate conversion rate for just your leads and customers.
    • If a submission is done from a filtered IP address it is considered a test submission and will not dilute these metrics.
  • Test submissions will still appear on the individual Contact record and on the Form Submissions screen.
    • If a submission was made from a filtered IP address you will see a a message at the top of the contact record: "This contact's IP address is filtered out. Their views and submissions won't be recorded in analytics"

Please note: This also applies to the views, submissions, and conversion rate in the Landing Pages and Calls-to-Action applications.

Additional troubleshooting steps if the submission was not made from a filtered IP address: