How can I segment contacts based on deal information?

Last updated: August 8, 2016

As a marketer, one of your most valuable assets is complete information about your leads and customers. As such, you now have the ability to segment lists based on data from the deal or opportunity object in the HubSpot CRM if you’ve integrated your CRM with HubSpot in one of the following ways:

  • By using the HubSpot CRM

  • By using the Salesforce integration with opportunity sync turned on

  • Using the Deals API with the Deals UI turned on

If you’ve integrated your CRM with HubSpot in one of the above ways, you’ll see a new Deal Property option available for use in your list segmentation in HubSpot:

User-added image
User-added image

You’ll notice within list segmentation the ability to Add deal requirement so you can segment even further on a specific deal.

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User-added image

This will allow you to segment on the same deal with many variations.

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Here are a couple ideas for how you could use deal information to create valuable lists:
  • Create a list of everyone who’s most recent deal Stage was marked as Closed Lost with a Close Date of more than 6 months ago to create a reengagement campaign.

  • Create a list of contacts who have a most recent deal Stage of Demo Scheduled or higher and add them to a suppression list for your workflows so they only hear from their Sales rep late in the sales cycle.

  • Create a list of all of your high value contacts - those that have any deal with a Stage of Closed Won and a large deal Amount to offer them a special promotion.