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Last updated: June 5, 2017

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Once you've set up your calendar integration, you can set your default meetings availability. The availability you set will determine the times your prospects can book meetings with you.

Set your availability time frame

Navigate to Sales Tools > Meetings > Settings, then click on the Default Availability tab to open your availability calendar. Click and drag through the hours of a given day that you are available to meet with prospects. You can then select the duplicate pages icon to copy that day's schedule onto other days of the week.

Your availability will remain the same each week until you change it. The meetings tool will check your default availability against your integrated Google or Outlook 365 Calendar. Any times that are booked with an event set to show as Busy on your integrated calendar within the blocks of time you've set for your default availability will not be open to your prospects for booking.

Configure your Meetings' settings

After you have set your meetings availability, you can configure your settings. Within the meetings tool, click the Settings button. Here you can:

  • customize your Meetings URL. Please note that future changes to your meetings URL will apply to all new links going forward but will not change existing meetings links.
  • select your Default meeting link.
  • set your Current time zone.

Your default meeting link is used within personalization tokens.

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Configure your Meetings' link

By default, the meetings tool is populated with the following meeting links:

There are preset options for 15, 30, and 60 minute meetings. These links also require the user to input their Name and Email Address when booking a meeting with you.

You can edit these preset meeting links by hovering over one and selecting the Edit button or click the Create meeting link button to create a new custom meeting link.

First, you will have the ability to customize the following options:

  • Meeting photo: the photo of you that's displayed to visitors
  • Meeting Heading: a heading displayed to visitors that click your meetings link
  • Meeting Name: the internal name that appears in your meetings dropdown select (e.g. 15 minute meeting)
  • Meeting Link: the URL used to book a specific meeting type
  • Location: information about how you will connect. This can be a call-in link, a physical location, etc. This location will appear in the calendar invite your contact receives.
  • Invite Description: a description of the meeting that will be displayed when you are booked. Note: If you are using a service like Webex or Zoom to host your meetings, this is a great place to include your personal video conference link. This description will appear in the calendar invite your contact receives.
  • Duration: the length of time visitors can book you for when clicking this meetings link 

Once you've set these options, click Next.

Next, you'll have the option to use your default availability for this meetings link or to set custom times that will be used for this link. When you've decided on your availability, click Next.

Lastly, you'll have the option to customize your Form Questions and some Advanced Settings. By default, Name and Email are required, but on this screen, you can choose to add any contact property from your CRM or add a Custom question.

Click the + Contact property or + Custom question button, then choose your property from the dropdown or enter your question into the field, then click Save. If you'd like to make the field optional, uncheck the Required box to the right of the field.

After adding Form Questions, you can customize your meeting's Advanced Settings. This includes:

  • Minimum Notice: the minimum amount of time before a meeting that the visitor can book
  • Buffer time: padding of time around each of your meetings
  • Weeks into the future a meeting can be scheduled: number of weeks from now that people can book time on your calendar

Once you are satisfied with the meeting link configuration, click Save changes.

When you would like to book a meeting with one of your contacts, copy the appropriate meetings link by hovering over it and clicking the Copy link button and send the link to allow them to select a time based on the availability and preferences you've set.  

Edit an existing Meeting's link

Once you have created a meetings link, you can edit in the future by navigating to Sales Tools > Meetings. On your meetings dashboard, hover over an existing meetings link and click Edit.

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