How do I set a default value for my form field?

Last updated: October 9, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

Follows the steps below to set a default value for a form field. This is useful when a form field is not required (so the user does not need to complete the field to submit the form) or the field is hidden (meaning that you set a property value via the form submission, but the user cannot see that field on the form).

  • From your HubSpot Marketing account, navigate to Contacts > Forms.
  • Click on the name of the form that you want to edit or create a new form.
  • Locate the field that you want to set a default value for > click the pencil symbol to edit field options.
  • If the property is a single-line text, date picker, or number field, you will see a Default Value section where you can type your value.
  • If the property is a drop-down or radio select field, you will see a list under Property Options; select the radio select button to the left of the desired default value (in the 'Selected' column).
  • If the property is multi-select checkbox or single off/on checkbox field, there will be a check-box or group of checkboxes, which you can select as the default value(s).
  • Click Save form when your changes are complete.

Now if a contact does not fill out the field in question when submitting your form, the default value will be set on the contact's behalf.

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