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What time will my sequence steps execute?

Last updated: June 30, 2017

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Steps in sequences execute at 24 hour intervals. That means that all steps will execute at the time the contact was first enrolled.

By default, when you enroll a contact in a sequence, emails in the sequence are set to send on weekdays only. This prevents any emails from being sent over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday). If a step is set to execute on either of these days, it will occur on the following Monday at the time of day that the contact was first enrolled.

Take this sample sequence:

  • Send Template A.

  • If no reply after 3 days, send Template B.

  • If no reply after 3 days, send Template C.

A contact is enrolled in this sequence at 5pm on Monday. Assuming the contact doesn't respond to any emails, here is the time/day each step will execute:

  • The contact will receive Template A when enrolled at 5pm on Monday. 
  • The contact will receive Template B at 5pm on Thursday.
  • The contact is scheduled to receive Template C at 5pm on the following Sunday, but by default will be sent the email at 5pm on Monday.

If you'd like contacts to be able to receive emails in your sequence on Saturday and Sunday, you can disable this setting on a contact-by-contact basis by unchecking Send weekdays only before enrolling a contact in your sequence.

  • Please note: If you have the Send weekdays only setting enabled for your sequence and initiate the sequence to begin enrollment on a weekend day, the first email of your sequence will send on that weekend day (instead of the next weekday).

Enrolling from the contact record: 

Enrolling from Gmail or Outlook:

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