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Last updated: June 18, 2018

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Sales Hub: Starter, Professional

With the sequences tool, you can send a series of targeted, timed emails to nurture a prospect over time. You have the ability to:

  • Send one or more contacts a series of templates at specified intervals.
  • Automatically end the sequence when the contact replies to an email.
  • Customize any of the templates in the sequence when you enroll individual contacts.
  • Allow contacts to unsubscribe from your sequence emails.
  • Add tasks to your sequences and assign those tasks to task queues.

Please note: the sequences tool is only available for Sales Hub Starter or Professional users with a connected cloud-based email inbox using G Suite or Office 365 or a connected inbox using IMAP



Create a sequence

  • In your HubSpot Sales Hub Starter or Professional account, navigate to Automation > Sequences.
  • Click Create Sequence.

  • Give your sequence a name.
  • Next, add steps to your sequence by dragging either a task or template from the left sidebar menu.
  • You can also create a custom task right from your sequence. To do so, drag and drop Add a custom task from the Tasks tab of the left sidebar menu. Then add a description and click Done.    
  • Set a delay for your task reminder in relation to the previous email in your sequence, or select the No step delay checkbox if you'd like the task to execute at the same time as the previous sequence step.
  • Click Save

Please note: the tasks in sequences are designed to simply remind you to take an action and do not impact enrollment in the sequence. Contacts will continue through the sequence and receive any following emails based on the delays you've set regardless of whether or not you complete the task. 

  • Click the edit/pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of your task to open an editing dialog box where you can edit the task's name and type.
  • You can also assign this task to a task queue. Only your task queues will be options for you to select. 

  • Add steps until your sequence is complete. Keep in mind that each sequence is limited to five email templates, although you can add as many task reminders as you would like.
  • There is a limit of 1,000 sequences/account.  


Enroll a contact in a sequence from the contact record

You can enroll contacts in a sequence from their contact record. Please note that a connected inbox is required to send emails from a contact record in the CRM.

To enroll a contact in a sequence from your HubSpot account:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contacts > Contacts.
  • Select the contact you would like to enroll to open their contact record.
  • From the contact record, select the Email tab. Then select Sequences
  • In the dialog box, hover over the sequence you wish to enroll the contact in, and click Select

Edit the templates in your sequence

Personalization helps build lasting relationships. Editing your templates within a sequence makes the communication personal and contextual. This helps to increase your reply rates and meetings booked and decrease the likelihood that a contact will unsubscribe from your sequence.

  • In your HubSpot Sales Hub Starter or Professional account, navigate to Automation > Sequences.
  • Click the name of your sequence and click Edit sequence.
  • Drag and drop the email template from the left side (under Templates) you’d like to start with.
  • Click the edit/pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the email and edit the template however you’d like. 
  • You’ll have the options to save your changes to the master template by clicking Save to original, or click Save As… to save your changes as a new template.

 You can also edit sequence templates for contacts that are currently active in a sequence.

Please note: if you have templates that contain curly brackets anywhere in your sequence, when you attempt to enroll a contact in the sequence, you'll experience a continual loading screen. If this happens, remove any curly brackets from your template and then re-enroll the contact.

  • In the next screen, set up your sequence settings and personalize the templates. You can edit the email body and also insert snippets and documents using the two icons in the button right-hand corner of a template. Then click Start sequence.  

If you are a Sales Professional user, you can use sales email recommendations to personalize your sequence emails. With sales email recommendations, personalization tips will surface in the sequence editor when you enroll a contact, enabling you to tailor your communication with relevant content. When enrolling your contact in a sequence, if there is an email that requires more customization, click the Low personalization alert to review the suggestions and edit your email content accordingly.sales%20email%20recommendations


Enroll a contact in a sequence from the sequence summary page

To enroll a single contact in a sequence from the sequence summary page:

  • In your HubSpot Sales Hub Starter or Professional account, navigate to Automation > Sequences.
  • Click the name of the sequence you'd like to send to open the sequence summary page.
  • Click Enroll > Enroll a single contact in the upper-right corner of the screen.


  • Search for the contact or contacts you'd like to enroll. Click the corresponding radio button to select the contact, then click Next


  • In the next screen, set up your sequence settings and personalize the templates. You can edit the email body and also insert snippets and documents using the two icons in the botton right-hand corner of a template. 
  • If you'd like to specify a specific time for each email and activity in your sequence, select Send first email at a specific time from the dropdown menu at the top of the first email in the sequence. Select a date and time from the dropdown menus to the right, and then scroll through each email and activity to select specific times.


  • Alternatively, you can set a default send time instead of specific send times for each email. Select Send first email immediately from the dropdown menu at the top of the first email in the sequence. Then click the Send follow-ups between dropdown menu to select a time range for each follow-up email to execute in the sequence.


  • When you're ready to enroll the contact, click Enroll [Contact Name] in the bottom right-hand corner.  

You can also enroll multiple contacts in a sequence using sequence queues. From the sequence summary page, select Enroll > Enroll multiple contacts and choose which contacts you would like to enroll. You will then work through the queue to enroll each contact, personalizing the sequence email content as you go. 


Enroll a contact in a sequence from your email inbox

Enroll contacts in sequences from your inbox using the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension or one of the add-ins:


See your scheduled sequence emails

After enrolling your contacts in a sequence, you can see your teed sequence emails under the Scheduled tab on your sequences dashboard (Automation > Sequences). Here, you'll see the contacts that are active in a sequence and the emails that are scheduled to be sent to them. You can hover over an email to edit it or to unenroll the contact from the sequence. 

Report on your sequences on your dashboard 

You can review data about your sequences' performance on the dashboard.

  • Navigate to your HubSpot dashboards by clicking the sprocket icon in the top left corner of your account. Click Add report
  • In the left sidebar menu, click Sales Sequences. 
  • Here, you'll see four reports you can use to analyze your sequence performance. The Sequence Reply and Meeting rates report analyzes the total enrolled contacts in each sequence and how they are engaging with your sequence; the Sequence Replies by Step shows how each step of your sequence is performing; the Sequence Reply Rate reports on how your contacts are engaging with each sequence; and the Sequence Enrollment report shows how many contacts are enrolled in each sequence. 
  • Click Add report under the report name to add the report to your dashboard. 

Report on your sequences in sales content analytics 

If you are a Sales Hub Professional user, you can see an overview of your sequence performance in the sales content analytics tool. 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Reports Analytics Tools
  • Select Sales Content Analytics. Click the Sequences tab. 
  • Here, you will see an overview of how your contacts are engaging with your sequences. Click the Date range dropdown at the top to analyze your sequence performance over a specific time range. 
  • Below the overview, you can review the performance of each individual sequence. If one sequence is not performing as well as the others, click the name of the sequence. You will be redirected to the sequence editor where you can make any necessary changes.
  • To look at specific metrics in the chart, click Edit columns in the top-right corner. Check the box next to the properties you want to display on your report, then click Save

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