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Connect payments to the quotes tool

Last updated: January 20, 2022

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Starter, Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub Starter, Professional, Enterprise
Service Hub Starter, Professional, Enterprise
Operations Hub Starter, Professional, Enterprise
CMS Hub Starter, Professional, Enterprise

You can collect payments from your customers using a quote that is integrated with the payments tool. With the payments tool connected to your quotes, you can manage your revenue from the CRM, without relying on an external e-commerce or accounting software.

Please note: only users with assigned Sales Hub paid seats can collect payments on quotes.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Quotes.
  • In the top right, click Create quote.
  • When you reach the Signature & Payment step, select the HubSpot Payments option.
    • Select the checkboxes next to the type of payment you'll accept. You can collect payment via credit card or debit card, or automatic clearing house (ACH) for one-time payments.
    • To collect a billing address to reduce the likelihood of fraud, select the Collect billing address for credit card purchases checkbox. Collecting a billing address is recommended.
    • To collect your customer's shipping address, select the Collect shipping address checkbox.


When you share a quote with a customer, they can start the check out process directly from the quote.


When a customer clicks Check out, the check out page will appear and the customer can enter their payment details. If the payment is processed successfully, the customer will be brought back to the quote that is now marked as Paid. In addition, if you add line items with a recurring billing frequency to a quote, a subscription record will be created for the customer and will be associated to the contact and deal record.

On your quotes dashboard, you will see the paid quote listed. ACH quote payments will initially appear as pending, and it can take up to five business days for the status to be updated in case the payment fails. The quote will also be marked as payment processing on the quote webpage.