What is Personalization?

Last updated: May 9, 2018

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

Do you remember the last time you visited a page or received an email and had the subtle, yet pleasant experience of being greeted by your name? That is a perfect example of personalization.

Personalization is the practice of implementing tokens within your content (emails, landing pages, or website pages) to better engage with your audience and provide a personalized experience to a known contact. With this practice, you show your audience better engagement, making them feel special since their experience is personalized by a company who is looking to fulfill their service or product need. Such an experience makes a difference in how your audience perceives you and your company.

To use personalization within HubSpot:

  • In your HubSpot Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account, navigate to MarketingEmailMarketing Website Landing Pages, or Marketing Website Website Pages.
  • Locate the specific email or page you're looking to edit > select Edit (to create a new page or email, click Create a new landing page/website page/email).
  • Click on the rich text module in which you are looking to add personalization. Go to Insert >  Personalization Token.
landing-page-insert-personalization-token- personalization-categories
  • Search and select the token you would like to add to your content.
  • Select Insert.
  • The token will now appear in the content editor. 
  • When ready, click on Update or Publish. If you're editing an email, simply click Save or Send when ready.

Now that you have personalized your content, HubSpot will pull the value of the chosen personalization token for any known contacts and display the value when the visitor goes to your page or receives your email. You can even take your personalization one step further using Personalization tokens within your Smart Content. For further details, please visit the Smart Content User Guide.

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