Customize bot availability preferences in chatflows

Last updated: October 28, 2019

Customize the availability settings for your chatflows that include bots. Using availability settings, you can create one chatflow that matches your team’s working style. For example, create a chatflow that routes messages to your team during the day, then a bot takes over at night. Or, hide the chatflow outside of business hours.

To use custom logic to send visitors down a specific path based on team member availability, learn more about using if/then branches in bot actions (Sales Hub or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise only).

Please note: the instructions in this article only apply to chatflows that include bots. Learn more about the different chatflow types.

Inbox-level availability settings v. agent availability

Chatflows that include bots will respect the availability preferences you set at the inbox level first, then check the availability of an individual user.

For example, you have the following set-up:

In this example, if visitor comes to your site outside of business hours, they can start a conversation with the bot. When the bot reaches the Send to team member action, the conversation will appear in the Unassigned view in the conversations inbox for your team to triage when they're back online. Even though one team member's status is set to Available, HubSpot will check and see that your team is only available to chat during set business hours and will not route the conversation.

Set bot display options outside of business hours

If you set specific business hours in your inbox settings, you can set your bot to take over for your team at the end of the day, or display only if it's during business hours.
  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Chatflows.
  • Hover over a bot and click Edit.
  • In the left sidebar, select the Options tab.
  • Click the Availability dropdown menu and select an option:
    • Only show during business hours: if a visitor comes to your site outside of business hours, the bot will not appear and the visitor cannot start a conversation. Use this option if you don't want visitors to start a conversation with a bot when your live team is unavailable.
    • Show always: the bot will always appear on your site, regardless of your team's availability. Use this option if you want a visitor to be able to start a conversation with a bot, even if your team is no longer online. Any conversations that come in after business hours will be left in the Unassigned view for your team to triage.
  • Click Save.

Users with an assigned Sales Hub or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise seat can further customize bot's behavior by using if/then branches in a chatflow. For example, if/then branches can be used to route visitors based on which team member is available to chat.

Read more about best practices for customizing your bot's availability on the blog.