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Last updated: June 15, 2017

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While you venture through the world of forms in HubSpot, there may be some questions that come up along the way about your workflows. What kind of things should I be doing with my forms that I'm not? And maybe even the other way around. We hope to provide some answers here to address the specific questions that may have come up for you while implementing your forms.

Below, we'll go over some common questions that come up with forms in HubSpot.

Why is data from my form going into the wrong field?

Changing a field's label on your form has no effect on the contact property itself. The label can be edited to change the way the field presents data (e.g., Sales Category vs What sales category would you consider your business?). For picklist items, changing the label does not change the name of the field.

The value is what appears in your form submissions, and what appears in your contacts' records, not the label. Note that changing the field label has no effect on the contact property name or values themselves.

If you change your First Name field's label to Last Name, this does not change where the data will live; this only changes the way the data is being asked.

Why do I see "No contact" in my form submissions?

The email field is a required field to create a contact in HubSpot. If this field is not included and required on your form, you will see "No contact" on your form submissions. Alternatively, this could mean that the contact associated with the submission has been deleted.

If email is included and required, the contact has most likely been deleted from your portal. Their submission details remain, but you cannot open a contact record for that contact, as they no longer exist. This will also display as "No Contact."

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