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Get started with Sales Hub

Last updated: October 13, 2020

Applies to:

All products and plans

Get started with your HubSpot Sales Hub Starter, Professional, or Enterprise account with these resources.


1. Set up your HubSpot account

Manage the users in your account, set up your language and region settings, and learn all the ways that you can get support.

2. Install HubSpot Sales and connect your inbox

Install the HubSpot Sales browser extension and connect your inbox to integrate your sales communications with HubSpot CRM.

3. Import data into your HubSpot account

Import your existing data into your HubSpot account so that you can manage your data in HubSpot CRM.

4. Set up the HubSpot mobile app

Install and use the HubSpot mobile app so that you can manage your leads and sales processes on the go.

5. Get started with HubSpot Sales tools

Review the below guides to learn about all the sales tools that HubSpot offers.

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