How does HubSpot calculate delivery rate, open rate, and click rate for emails?

Last updated: April 7, 2017

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HubSpot's Email tool calculates these three rates to tell you more about how your email is performing. 

  • Delivery rate - The percent of emails successfully delivered to inboxes out of your selected contacts you sent the email to. 
    • HubSpot calculates a delivered email based on the response message from the recipient's email server.
  • Open rate - The percent of emails opened out of your delivered emails.
    • HubSpot calculates email opens using an invisible one-pixel tracking image that renders in the recipient's inbox when opened.
  • Click rateThe percent of emails clicked out of your delivered emails.
    • HubSpot defines a clicked email as any email with a link, excluding the Unsubscribe and Subscription Preferences links, that was clicked on by the recipient.

You can learn more about your email statistics here.

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