Email Tracking

How HubSpot email open tracking works

Last updated: February 5, 2019

Learn how HubSpot tracks email opens if you send a one-to-one email from your email inbox or directly from a record in the CRM, or if you send an email to a list of contacts using the marketing email tool

One-to-one sales emails 

If you send an email from your inbox using the HubSpot sales email extension, or if you send an email to a contact directly from their record in the CRM, HubSpot embeds an invisible one-pixel image into the email message once it is sent. When your recipient views the email and the images load, you receive a notification that the email has been opened. 

Links are tracked by appending tracking to the end of any hyperlink included in your email. You can see click and open information in your HubSpot activity stream

HubSpot sales email tracking can sometimes be deactivated if the recipient's email client doesn't allow the tracking pixel to load. HubSpot tracking can be deactivated in the following situations:

  • The recipient formats their email in plain text. 
  • The recipient's email client doesn't automatically download images. 
  • The recipient's corporate filter strips away all images for incoming emails. 

If the recipient has a very strict spam filter where they block any images or link tracking from loading in emails, your tracked email could be filtered as spam. However, these tools are quite common in the industry, and the majority of email clients will not view your email any differently than before.  

Please note: at this time it's not possible to see whether a tracked email was forwarded to another recipient.

The majority of your recipients will not know they are being tracked. The email code would need to be viewed and the tracking pixel specifically identified.

Marketing emails 

An email open is counted:

  • when the images in the email load; or
  • when the user clicks on a link in the email, even if the images do not load.