What are the CRM user roles and permissions?

Last updated: December 14, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: N/A
Sales: Free, Professional

As your Sales team grows, it becomes more necessary to control access to information. Which team members should be able to add properties and update deal stages? Should everyone be allowed to import and export data? HubSpot CRM empowers sales managers and administrators to get more granular in setting permissions, ensuring that team members are only able to access the information that’s relevant to them. 

When an Administrator adds a new users, they'll be able to choose an overarching User Role, as well as some mix-and-match Advanced Permissions

User Roles:

  • Administrator: can access all parts of the HubSpot sales tools, add and remove other sales users, delete records, and set portal default properties
  • Manager: can access all parts of the HubSpot sales tools, delete records, and set portal default properties.
  • User: can access all the HubSpot Sales Tools and delete records, but cannot set portal default properties.

Advanced Permissions:

For each user, admins will be able to set the following permissions:
  • CRM Features (Access to Companies, Deals, and Tasks, as well as CRM mobile app): Enabled, Disabled 
  • View: Everything, Owned and Unassigned only, Owned only
  • Edit: Everything, Owned and Unassigned only, Owned only
  • Bulk Delete: Enabled, Disabled
  • Import: Enabled, Disabled
  • Export: Enabled, Disabled
  • Edit Property Settings: (Create, edit, and delete properties in the CRM. This also includes the ability to update settings under Settings > Contacts, Companies, or Deals. You still must be an Administrator to set portal default propertiesEnabled, Disabled

These permissions can be mixed and matched on a per-user basis to make the configuration that works best for a specific team. Users can also separate view and edit permissions. For example, a manager might let their reps see everything, but only edit the records they own.

If you are an administrator, click here to manage your users and permissions.