Records | Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: January 17, 2019

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Find answers to common questions about records in HubSpot.




Can I have multiple owners for one record?

At this time, each record can only have one owner in the default owner property. You can, however, create custom properties with the property type HubSpot user. Properties of this type will automatically pull users in your account as options.


Why do records seem to disappear from the CRM?

Possible situations why some records may not appear include:
  • Your current view includes filters. Records that do not meet these filters will not be shown. Ensure all filters are cleared to view all records.
  • Your user permissions restrict you to viewing only records that you own or records that your team owns. If you'd like to view all records, contact your administrator for the appropriate permissions.

Can I select which properties to appear next to the photo in a record?

By default, the properties next to the photo in a contact record is the contact's First name, Last Name, Job title and Associated company. You cannot select which properties to display in this area.


What is the default lifecycle stage for newly created contacts in HubSpot?

The default lifecycle stage of a contact depends on how they were created in HubSpot. Contacts will have the initial lifecycle stage of Lead if:

Contacts will have the initial lifecycle stage of Subscriber if:


How do I set a contact's lifecycle stage backwards?

You can set a lifecycle stage backwards manually, or in a workflow by clearing the Lifecycle stage property prior to setting the new value.


Will images in emails sent from the CRM appear on the contact's timeline?

When an email containing images is sent from the CRM, the image should appear in the email activity in the contact's timeline. Click Expand on the email containing the image to see the full image.


Can I send an email to a list of contacts using the CRM?

At this time, you cannot send emails to lists of contacts in the CRM. This is a HubSpot Marketing feature only. You can, however, send emails in the CRM to individual contacts.

If you have a HubSpot Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account, learn how to send marketing emails to your lists.


Will a click from a sales email lead to a page view in a contact's timeline?

 While HubSpot can track if a contact has clicked a link in your sales email, the click may not always results in a page view. Page views are tracked is based on the following requirements:

If these requirements are not met, no page view will be recorded.


What happens when a deal's stage changes to Closed Won or Closed Lost?

  • When the deal stage is changed to Closed Won, the lifecycle stage of any associated contacts and companies will change to Customer.

  • When the deal stage is changed to Closed Lost, the lifecycle stage of any associated contacts and companies will remain as Opportunity.

If the contact or company has already been associated with a closed won deal, any future deals that are closed lost will not change the lifecycle stage from Customer  to Opportunity.