How do I use a HubSpot workflow to add or append a value to a property instead of overwriting it?

Last updated: May 15, 2018

Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub
Professional, Enterprise

You can use a HubSpot workflow to add a value to a multiple checkbox property:

  • Navigate to Workflows:
    • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Workflows.
    • In your Sales Hub Professional account, navigate to Automation > Workflows.
  • Click New workflow in the upper right-hand corner. Name your workflow and choose Standard as the workflow type (unless your use case would be better served by another workflow type).
  • Click Set enrollment triggers to specify how your contacts will be enrolled.
  • Click the + button to add an action.

  • Select Set contact property value from the options.
  • Choose your contact property (must be a multiple checkbox field type) from the dropdown menu.
  • Select your value(s) to append, and then select the radio button next to Append to current value(s)
  • Click Save.

  • When you're happy with the setup of your workflow, click Review in the top right corner, then click Activate to turn your workflow on. 

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