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Records | Frequently asked questions

Last updated: August 31, 2022

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Find answers to common questions about records in HubSpot.





Can I have multiple owners for one record?

At this time, each record can only have one owner in the default owner property. You can, however, create custom properties with the property type HubSpot user. Properties of this type will automatically pull users in your account as options.

Why do records seem to disappear from the CRM?

Possible situations why some records may not appear include:
  • Your current view includes filters. Records that do not meet these filters will not be shown. Ensure all filters are cleared to view all records.
  • Your user permissions restrict you to viewing only records that you own or records that your team owns. If you'd like to view all records, contact your administrator for the appropriate permissions.

Why can't I find a record when I search from the dashboard?

The search functionality in the dashboard can take up to 30 minutes to index records. Hence, newly created records may not always appear in the search results until later.

What is the maximum number of engagements in a record?

Refer to HubSpot's Product & Services Catalog for your account's technical limits.


What is the difference between Company name and Associated company?

Company name in a contact record is a default single-line text property that a HubSpot user can update manually. This property is separate from any company associations that the contact records has and is not affected by automatic association or manual association.

Associated company as a column in the contacts dashboard shows the Name property of the associated company that the contact is associated to, and is directly affected by automatic association or manual association with the company record. In the contact record, you can see the associated company in the right panel under the Company section.

Why are the Last contacted and Last activity date properties not updating?

When there are many activities being logged, there may be a short delay in the update of the Last Contacted or Last Activity Date properties. If there is no change after some time, the properties may be accurately showing the value as per their definition. To ensure that they are accurate, learn the definitions of the Last contacted and Last activity date properties and when they are updated.

Can I select which properties to appear next to the photo in a record?

By default, the properties next to the photo in a contact record is the contact's First name, Last Name, Job title, Associated company, and Email. You cannot select which properties to display in this area. However, you can customize the properties that appear in the About section in a record.


Will images in emails sent from the CRM appear on the contact's timeline?

When an email containing images is sent from the CRM, the image should appear in the email activity in the contact's timeline. Click Expand on the email containing the image to see the full image.

How do I send an email to a list of contacts using the CRM?

You can use the drag and drop email editor to send emails to a list of contacts. If you've Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise, or a Legacy Marketing Hub Basic subscription, you can also use the classic editor.

Why does a contact record have no page views?

Page views are tracked based on the following requirements:

If these requirements are not met, no page view will be recorded. While HubSpot can track if a contact has clicked a link in your sales email, this click does not associate the visitor's cookie to his contact record and hence, any page views will not be tracked. 

Why is my contact created via Analytics?

When a contact's property history shows Analytics as the change source, it usually indicates the contact was created through a non-HubSpot form on a non-HubSpot hosted page.

In some cases, this is due to JavaScript events that work with the HubSpot Tracking Code to create a contact in HubSpot when a visitor's email address is detected on the page. This can happen when a visitor enters an email address in an email field on a non-HubSpot form on a page that uses the WordPress plugin or is set up with the Events JavaScript API.

Learn more about the various change sources that can be found in a contact property's history.

Can I use a custom email field in a form to create contacts?

 By default, HubSpot only creates or updates a contact based on the default Email field, and will not create a contact when they fill out a custom email field separate from the default Email field.

If you allow submissions to create a contact without an email address, these contacts will be created but it is recommended to use the default Email field as the field is referenced by other tools in HubSpot, such as workflows and marketing emails. These tools will not work with a custom email field.

Why are there email activities in the timeline prior to the contact's Create date?

Email activities are tied to the associated email address and not a specific contact record. Hence, email activities can occur on a date prior to a contact's Create Date. Likely scenarios for this include:

  • A contact was previously sent emails. The record was  deleted from your contact database and then was re-created.
  • A contact record originally had one email address and that email address was changed. A new contact record was then created with that original email address of the first contact. Any email activities tied to the original email address on the first contact record will now appear on the new contact record.


How can I change the deal stage from the deal record?

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Deals.
  • Click the name of a deal. 
  • In the left panel, click the Stage dropdown menu and select a new deal stage. 


You can also edit the deal stage property in the About this deal section. Learn more about editing properties. 

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