Email Tracking

Will clicks from Sales emails result in page views on the contact's timeline?

Last updated: December 9, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: N/A
Sales: Professional

Click tracking in Sales emails allows us to know that a contact clicked a link in the email, but the tracking from the link click is not associated to the page view that may happen as a result of that click.

If you are a user of our HubSpot Marketing, you know that we can track what pages your contacts visit and display that analytics activity on their timeline.

All emails tracked with HubSpot Sales or sent from the CRM track email opens. Emails sent by Sales Pro users can also track link clicks in those sales emails.

Emails sent through the Marketing Email tool have additional types of tracking, such as Identity Tracking, which is on by default. Identity tracking allow us to associate analytics activity triggered by the email to be associated to the recipient’s contact record. The same is not true of Sales emails, even with click tracking. 


Requirements for logging a Page View on a Contact Timeline

  1. The HubSpot tracking code is firing on the page. This drops a cookie on the visitor’s browser.

  2. The cookie that is tracking that visitor’s activity is associated to a contact record in HubSpot. This occurs when:

    1. The contact has filled out a form (with cookie tracking enabled) identifying themselves
    2. The contact has received an email with identity tracking and visited your site by clicking a link in that email
    3. You used our JavaScript Events API to create the contact

Regardless of what type of email someone clicks a link in to reach your website, if the HubSpot tracking code is firing correctly, we will track that visitor’s page views by dropping a cookie on their browser. However, if #2 above has not happened, then we cannot associate that cookie (and thus those page views) to a contact record. 

If the only interaction a contact has had with your site has been Sales related and none of the association activities listed above are true for them, the page view will not be associated to their contact record simply because they clicked a link in a sales email. The same is also true if they have completed an association activity but have since deleted their browser cookies, or are on a different browser from the one the associating activity took place on since cookies are browser specific.